About ME

Who am I?

Let me start off by saying I am a child of God. I am a Jesus follower. I try very hard to follow in His footsteps, but I fail at it everyday. I am a wife and a hot mess most days. But that is okay, I have learned to embrace it!

I am a New York City lover in the Deep South. I think I am The Queen, because I watch WAY too much English monarchy PBS specials. I love antique stores and making things new again. I love using my favorite four letter word and I have embraced that I am the worst tooth fairy ever. I long for going to the bathroom alone, but know it will probably never happen.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression on many occasions, but I do not let that define me. I cannot relate to Weiner Whiners or other’s who like to sport their belly aching! I am a recovering people pleaser and I am not afraid to say the word, “NO”! 

I live in the Deep South with my family of five, including a set of twins. I thought for a hot minute that I would stay sane as a parent, but NOPE! We have a Farmhouse that sits in the middle of a cow pasture. We love the simple country life, but frequent Disney World, A LOT!

Along with this blog, I own a travel agency and blog, WaltExpress.com, amongst other online adventures. I love helping women succeed and find there way through The PurposeFULL Woman.

I love encouraging and helping people see their value. I love encouraging others to overcome. I have a story, just like everyone else. I have learned to voice my stories and help others overcome the lies their stories tell them everyday, so they can overcome. (Whew that was a mouth full, but you understand what I am talking about! You are my people… my “me too” people!)

I was diagnosed, somewhat recently, with a rare genetic heart condition that blindsided us. I was young and healthy when I was diagnosed (Well, I am still young. So there’s that!) This whole website is dedicated to health and wellness; mind, body and spirit, so when I got the diagnosis we couldn’t understand.

I have had four heart surgeries (and counting) and we are doing just fine. Days may get crazy and hectic, but that is okay, I am ALIVE!

We are a gluten free family and I love sharing my recipes on this website. I am a fitness lover that is a certified trainer, but am not actively teaching or training at this time.

If you don’t like encouraging words, a whole lot of Jesus, and a little bit of sarcasm then turn around and keep moving through the blogosphere, because I do not think this is the blog for you!

But if you love hearing about another mama’s stumbling, so you can feel normal and get a good laugh in the process or love knowing that you aren’t the only one that doubts her faith, then this blog is for you!

I am human, I make mistakes, I stumble and I am a hot mess somedays, but that makes me, ME! And I am embracing every second of it!


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