Mama It Is Okay To Say The Word NO! Did you know that?

We are in an era when being busy is a right to passage and shows others our self-worth. Or so we think! We come from an age when you ask someone how they are, nine times out of ten it is followed by: good, but we have been SO busy!

When did we become this? When did we start wrapping our success into how busy we are on a daily basis?

I will tell you when……when we stopped saying the word, ‘NO’!

We have become a society that loves being busy because it shows how important we are, but deep down inside we hate it! We hate having so much to do all of the time. We are stressed out, over worked and under paid! We have become a society that has forgotten how to stop and smell the roses. We have become a society that is not fully enjoying their kids because we have enrolled them in so many after school activities. We have become a society that have involved ourselves in so many extra activities, because we are afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings if we say the word, ‘no’.

It is time to stop the madness!!! It is time to start saying the word, NO!

It is time we take our time back and stop talking about how busy we are and start enjoying life. It is time to prioritize what is important and if the activities do not line up with your priorities or beliefs you need to say the word, “no”.

Let’s practice…

Say it with me, “NO”!



See, it rolls off of the tongue so nicely.

When did it start becoming rude to just say the word “no”? You do not owe anyone an explanation of why you can’t do something or come to an event. All you owe them is to do the best job you can if you say the word, “yes”. If you cannot do that then say, “no”! Simple as that!

Hey Mama It Is Okay To Say The Word NO!

Ask Yourself These Questions When Trying To Decide If You Should Commit:

  • Does it fit into my family and I’s priorities?
  • Can I give it my all if I say “yes” to this?
  • Will it bring me joy?
  • Does it fit into our schedule?

If you said “no” to any of these questions, well then the answer should be…..

Come on you can do it. You can say it!


Extra Activities That Are Okay to Say the Word NO To:

  • Family Gatherings
  • School functions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Extended Family Vacations
  • Going Out to Eat With Others
  • Someone Wants to Drop By After a Certain Time at Night
  • If You Are a Stay-At-Home Mom You May Get People Asking You to Run Errands For Them
  • Church Events or Functions
  • Holiday Parties or Events
  • Late Dinner Invites
  • Any Event or Function That Will Throw Your Child’s Schedule Off In Anyway
  • When People Ask If They Can Tag Along All of The Time
  • When Someone Ask You To Pick Up Something For Them While You Are At Walmart (or wherever you will be)
  • Girls’ Night Out
  • Babysitting Other People’s Kids
  • Weddings
  • Lunch With a Friend
  • To More Toys
  • To Hand-Me-Downs
  • To An Event In The Middle Of Your Child’s Nap TIme

Look I get it! Some of these things are hard to say the word ‘No’ to but, come on… it is not humanly possible to do everything! And, I am not encouraging you to say ‘No’ to them all of the time, just some of the time or when needed. You have permission to do what is right for you and your circumstances.

Mama It Is Okay To Say The Word NO

Heck, I know from my own experiences we have had to say ‘no’ because of finances or time management or because we were just too exhausted from having twins plus one. Over the years I have struggled with the word, ‘no’. But, as the years have gone on I have realized the people I have disappointed when I said ‘yes’ and did not give it my all. Knowing now I should have said the word, ‘no’. Or have realized my sanity is more important than saying the word ‘yes’ all of the time.

I have learned…… if it is going to give me stress, if I cannot give it my all, if it does not fit into our schedule, or if it does not fit into my beliefs or priorities for my family and I, well then the answer should be, ‘no’.

I have been on both sides of the fence. I have said the word ‘no’ and have been the one that has received the word ‘no’. Let me just say, it is freeing both ways!

Let me explain….

Saying the word, ‘no’ leaves you with a sense of control, leaves you knowing you made the best decision for you and your families’ well-being.

Hearing the word ‘no’ leaves you with a sense of knowing that the other person respected you enough to be honest with you and did not allow themselves to not give you their all. It’s not an insult! It’s a sign of respect if you ask me! Stop taking offense to the word, ‘no’. It may be ‘no’ right now or for a season. It may not be ‘no’ for forever so, no harm done!

Over the years I have learned to say ‘no’ more often. I now am confident in the fact that in all I do, I give it my all and I do it well. No more half-assing events or activities. No more stressing and no more worrying about what the other person may be thinking. Nine times out of ten I already know. By saying the word ‘no’ I know I am not letting others down, myself down, my family down or God down. And that my friends is very freeing!

Mama It Is Okay To Say The Word NO

Mama It Is Okay To Say The Word NO

Try it! But, I warn you, you will make people mad. But, knowing you did the right thing, they will “get over it” eventually. I had one of the best teachers in this department. Once I became confident in my own skin, just like my teacher, that is when growth began to happen.

Stop stressing over it and the anxiety will leave! It is easier said than done somedays, I get it, but it can be done. As with anything to do with self-growth, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Do you have a hard time saying the word ‘no’? Do you have a hard time hearing the word ‘no’?  You are not alone! We all do! Share your experiences with us!

If you need any further help check out one of my favorite songs by Meghan Trainor, NO! That is my jam on my runs! Just sayin’!

Oh and side note: The teacher I spoke of above is Chris. He is the master at saying the word NO!

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