I don’t know about you, but it seems when I am in the bathroom (no matter what I am doing in there) I cannot get any privacy from my kids. They seem to have a radar that goes off and says “go bug mom right now”,  when you are in the bathroom or on the phone. Kids are amazing like that! It never fails, when you go into the bathroom, everyone seems to need or want something, no one can find anything, and everyone looses their minds. You start seeing little fingers under the door, you hear “Mom” endlessly and the loud knocks are never ending!

So with that in mind, a friend of mine and I pulled together the Top 5 Ways To Get Privacy In The Bathroom Away From Your Kids! I promise you, they work! I’ve (I mean, a friend) tried them.

Top 6 Ways To Get Privacy In The Bathroom Away From Your Kids

These tricks will guarantee you, my friend, to have privacy in the bathroom for at least thirty minutes. Any more time, is pushing it, so use your time wisely! Let’s get started!

  1. Tell Them They Will Have To Wipe Your Behind: I know, I know, pretty gross. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. The thought of this will repulse them so much they will go running.
  2. Tell Them The Toilet Has Overflowed: Again, they will go running just thinking about the overflow, without even seeing or smelling it.
  3. Tell Them The Toilet Paper Roll Needs Changing: They will stop the knocking and slowly back away from the door silently with this one. They will act like they never heard you. Do I have to explain why with this one? I do not know one child that will willingly change the toilet paper roll. Do you? If you do, let me know how you got them to do it, so I can apply the direction to my own children. Please, for the love of all that is Holy, HELP ME!
  4. Tell Them The Toilet Needs To Be Cleaned: Again, just like above, they will slowly back away from the door acting like they never heard you. They do not want any part of that, at all! I mean, you don’t, so why should they?
  5. Explain To Them You Are Out Of Poo Pourri: Oh no! Not the Poo Pourri! When they hear this, they will leave running worried that the smell may creep through the door.
  6. Grab A Woopie Cushion: Grab a Woopie Cushion and let it rip. If anything, it will make you laugh hearing the giggles coming from the other side of the door.


Okay, so I have one more for you. But this one is not for the light hearted. If none of the above Top 6 items work, I have one last resort. This is guaranteed to clear your entire house. BUT, you will need a gas mask for yourself. NOT KIDDING! But, the privacy is oh-so-worth it.

Top 5 Ways To Get Privacy In The Bathroom Away From Your KidsDisclosure

I started off my year playing a practical joke on a dear friend of mine with the above BONUS item. Beware! It is pure nastiness and can hurt someone! But it was oh, so worth it! It was for me at least. Probably not for her!

Okay so, not my normal post, but this is a problem ladies! We need to stand up against these little people of ours and fight back! It’s time to get out the big guns; smelly guns and all. Get them out and away from the door while you enjoy your time in the bathroom. Whether you are doing your business, hiding from your kids or even taking a bath these tips are sure fire. But, as I mentioned above, you better use your time wisely, because these little turkeys are smart. They will figure it out if you are not careful! You better play your cards right, sista!

Do you have any to add? Asking for a friend!

Break Time

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