Look At The Bigger Picture: Stop Your Belly Aching And Complaining! But first….

I took some time off from social media. My businesses are run off of social media and online, but it was time for a break. Everyone needs a break from time-to-time. You see, everyone on social media whines and complains. After a while you kinda want to throw the electronic you are reading the whines from across the room. There is only so much a person can take of negativity and I have had enough.

I am an encourager by nature. I love encouraging others. I encourage my husband, my kids, my friends, complete strangers on social media and my employees and team. And of course, I encourage through this website. I consider myself as someone that can handle the madness and ignore the negative, but after a while a girl needs a break from the belly aching (as we say in the South).

But honestly, social media is not the story here. It’s not what I came here to write about.

My Complaints

I don’t know what has happened to the world these days. The whining, the complaining, the offensiveness and cry babies. (Yes, I said cry babies.) Even though I have taken a break from social media, social media has actually inspired me.

Because, I have a mind to make my own list of complaints.

My first complaint: The Smokey Mountains

Yes, you read right… The Smokey Mountains. My family and I can never visit enough. We cannot get enough of the landscape.

I know, I know! That is not a real complaint. Give me time. I am new to this.

Complaint two: My kids.

My kids grow up way too fast. They are little adults right now. Long gone are the days of diaper changes and midnight feedings. (Praise the Lord!) I miss those sweet days of cooing and baby giggles. It never last long enough, so I must complain.

Complaint three: Sunsets.

Dang them sunsets for never lasting long enough and allowing me to bask in all of its glory a bit longer.

Complaint four: Compliments.

There are never enough compliments flying around town. It would be amazing to have everyone just put down their political differences and offensiveness and really look at a person just to compliment them. I know, I know, I got carried away with that one. As if that would ever happen, right?!

Now I am getting warmed up to the real complaints. Here they come!

Complaint five: Women.

I wish every woman saw their own worth! I wish every woman loved her body. The body that birthed babies. The body that has surgery scars and loves pecan pie.

Complaint six: Date Nights.

I wish date nights did not consist of calling medical bill collectors and prepping for more heart surgeries and doctor visits.

I wish everyone would stop comparing themselves to TV, things they see on social media or to their neighbor. I wish Christians would stop beating a Bible and start loving. I wish kids would stop getting killed in schools. I wish abortion victims did not feel so shamful to the world or to their church family. I wish the medical insurance system was not broken. I wish the average household did not live paycheck-to-paycheck. I wish depression and anxiety did not exist. I wish no one lived with chronic illness. I wish no one ever felt lonely or different.

I wish every child didn’t have to go through feeling rejected. I wish everyone would reach for the Bible before self-help books. I wish there was no such thing as heart conditions or infertility. I wish every child had a loving home.

Look At The Bigger Picture: Stop Your Belly Aching And Complaining

I wish adults would look at the bigger picture instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game.

Try This

And I wish anyone who complains about the weather, gas prices or current events could hold a newborn, hold their Grandma’s dying hand, hug a nurse in the ICU, or take a walk with their loved ones for no reason at all, other than they want to spend time with them. That might cure them. At least for a little while…maybe!

I know I am supposed to be continuing to complain, but I can’t when I am surrounded by the ones I love playing board games while I am NOT checking social media. When you read this I may be back on my Instagram account or I may not. Only time can tell. When I can handle the Weiner Whiners I will be back, but until then I will try to think of my own complaints. It’s harder than it looks!

By the way, did I whine or belly ache enough for you? Now go do your homework. Use the phrase “belly ache” several times today with a Southern drawl. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

Until next time…



Look At The Bigger Picture: Stop Your Belly Aching And Complaining

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