I’m so excited about republishing this older blog, Doctors Said a Seven Percent Chance of Having Kids But God Had Other Plans! I think it is definitely something that needs to be shared again. So many people go through infertility, but I am here to say it is not the end-all. Hang in there my friend! Today, I want to share with you part of mine and my husband’s testimony. It’s such a great story and we love telling it. I pray this story gives the couple that is yearning for a baby a bit of hope.

“It is normal,” they said. “Don’t be in a rush,” they said. “It will happen in God’s timing,” they said. All valid points but, it does not help when your mind is set on having a baby and for us, it wasn’t happening. Month one went by, then month two, and so on and so on. With every month we didn’t have a baby was a kick in the gut. Those of you who have been through that waiting, know exactly how it feels. We stopped talking about babies with anyone and avoided baby conversations at all costs. We put on a good front, but deep inside my husband and I both were heart-broken.

Doctors Said a Seven Percent Chance of Having Kids But God Had Other Plans

After going to several different doctors and specialists we discovered there was quite a few problems. We went through test after test and even a surgery or two to try and “correct” the problems only to find out that all of the tests and surgeries had failed us. We were told we only had a 7% chance of ever conceiving. We were heart-broken but, at least we knew and now we could move forward with the information we had just discovered. We thought of the possibilities; we could adopt, we could try fertility or we could wait on God. I am not going to lie and say we didn’t cry ourselves to sleep that night. It was hard and a huge struggle knowing what we had just discovered. But little did we know God had another plan and it was in the making as we sat there and cried ourselves to sleep.

The very next day I felt sick as if I had the flu. After all of those months and years of taking pregnancy tests after pregnancy tests, I guess I felt like torturing myself one more time. I reached for another test and prayed. but, this time it felt different. This time it felt really different. God had given me a peace that passed all understanding. I still cannot explain it. I forgot about all of the tests I had previously taken and was so distraught over when the test came back negative. I forgot about the prior day’s news. I forgot about all of that and took the test. God kept comforting me and telling me “you’ve got this”. So I reached for the test, waited and Lord and behold I discovered I was pregnant with our first child. I took another and another and another, just to be sure and yep they all said the same thing. Preggers!

God Comes Through For His People

Doctors Said a Seven Percent Chance of Having Kids But God Had Other PlansWe were thrilled, but a little bewildered because of the prior day’s news. I mean, why did we have to go through all of the heartache, the crying, the yearning and even the prior day’s crushing news? I will tell you why! Because, God wanted us to know just how big He truly was and still is. 7% chance meant nothing to Him. Knowing we only had a 7% chance of ever having kids just showed us even more of how much God comes through for His people.

The #7 Is Significant In The Bible

7 is a significant number in the Bible and is significant to God. Right at the start of the Bible, the number 7 is identified with something being “finished” or “complete” starting in Genesis 1From then on, that association continues, as 7 is often found in contexts involving completeness or divine perfection. There are several examples of this in the Bible, but that is a whole other blog post. In the meantime you can go here for more reading

God was showing us how significant and important we were to HIm. We received our divine perfection. We are still receiving divine refection and completeness through our kids.

God Was Our Great Physician

A few weeks later, we went to an ultrasound and discovered everything was great with the baby. As we were leaving the doctor’s office we decided to visit one of our specialist to tell him the news, we knew he would be thrilled for us. I never will forget as he threw our chart into the air and said, “Well, you don’t need me then. You’ve got this. Come back when you need me. If you ever do, that is!” And we never did! God was our great physician and our specialist told us just that as we left that day.

Fast Forward Nine Years….

Overcoming Through Grace: My thoughts On #shoutyourabortionFast forward nine years and we now not only have one child, but three children, including a set of twins and none were conceived through any fertility treatments. Doctors told us that would be the only way we would ever have children and that wasn’t even for certain. That percentage was extremely low. With so much uncertainty around us, God brought us certainty. He had another plan for us!

Don’t Give Up Hope

I’m telling you this story not to upset anyone that is going through infertility but, to give them hope. There is nothing wrong with fertility, but we knew are chances were slim with treatments. We never once thought we were worthy of the mercy God showed us and is still showing us until this very day. Your journey may be different than ours and it may include fertility treatments, but please know there is nothing wrong with that and please, please, please do not give up hope. Your God is so much bigger than any doctor!

We still until this day only have a 7% chance of ever conceiving, but God had a bigger and better plan for us. Although our fertility condition never changed our hearts sure have! *Update: Four years ago I underwent a hysterectomy at 34 years old due to some of the issues I had before conceiving, but I am so thankful God opened my womb for a short period of time to bring 3 beautiful children into this world.

Doctors Said a Seven Percent Chance of Having Kids But God Had Other Plans

To All Women….

To the woman that is struggling and cannot understand why she cannot conceive. To the woman that is going through fertility treatments. To the woman who has had a stillborn or miscarriages or an abortion. I hope after you read this, you do not feel sad and hopeless but, you feel hopeful! There IS a bigger plan for you, it’s just the obstacle of life that we have to maneuver through with God to get to our testimony.

The PurposeFULL Woman

The PurposeFULL Woman is a woman that is full of purpose! She is an overcomer, she is a warrior, she is a woman on a mission, she is the modern day biblical woman, but doesn’t know how to overcome the big obstacles in life. The PurposeFULL Woman is the place where women can come together in a judgement free zone and express their feelings, thoughts, dreams and past sins all the while letting God lead and speak to us so we can fully overcome! You’re an overcomer. I’m an overcomer. We are all overcomers! It’s time to break the shackles and overcome together. Let’s find out what God says about these obstacles in life and overcome them together! Won’t you join the movement?

Psalm 30:5 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

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