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My Favorite Faith Resources

Looking for some easy ways to have a stronger faith? I have listed my favorite faith resources for you and your family. All can be ordered on Amazon with Prime.

This is a great Bible. I love that it’s spiral and that you can journal on the side. I love to write notes during sermons, and this Bible makes that effortless. It comes in multiple colors, and you can get just a few chapters of the Bible or the entire Bible.

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As a busy mom, I love that this Bible has a devotional for each week. I also love the color. If you don’t own a physical Bible, this is a great traditional Bible you can use in your Bible studies or take to church.

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Jesus Calling is one of the most popular devotionals. You will pick it up and find that God speaks directly to your heart and situation. If you are looking for a daily devotional, this is my top pick.

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This is such a great devotional for kids. If your kids can read, this is the perfect devotion for them. Sara Young wrote the devotional above and then created one for kids. Such a great way, Mama, to build your children’s faith and trust in God.

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Christine Caine is a remarkable Bible teacher. This devotional is great if you are in a season where you are needing more strength. If you feel worn out or frustrated, this is a great devotional for you.

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My kids LOVE this flip devotional. It’s in the kitchen and they take turns flipping to that days devotional

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If you ever need prayer or suggestions to grow your faith, simply email me and I am happy to pray or give some suggestions. Faith is the foundation of my family, and I am passionate about helping women just like you get closer to God.

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