5 Things I Didn’t Do To Lose Weight In My 40s was pretty simple and easy once I started finally listening to my body. After my five heart surgeries, I found myself needing to lose a bit of weight due to lack of movement, heart meds and such. I quickly found out I could not treat my body and myself the same way I had in my 20s or my 30s. I was now in my 40s and my body had changed, so I needed to change my approach too.

5 Things I Didn’t Do To Lose Weight In My 40s

  1. I did not do a lot of cardio. Now that we are over 40 we have to embrace the power of walking and strength training. Both are great for the over 40 crowd. We’ve earned the right to not slave in the gym for hours on end. Cardio can wreck havoc on our hormones and spike cortisol after 40 if not done right. So embrace what works now, not what worked in the past!
  2. I did not participate in fad diets. In this season of life, especially, our bodies need all food groups. Eliminating one can do more harm than good. 
  3. I did not do what I did in my 20s or 30s to lose weight. Let’s face it, our bodies have changed. Once I embraced it and starting listening to my body and not working against my body the weight started to fall off.
  4. I did not restrict my eating and under eat. Again, I made sure I was eating enough of all of the food groups. At least 90 grams of protein and 75 grams of carbs. When we under eat, we aren’t feeding our bodies and then we put our bodies into stress… which in return turns into unwanted belly fat and extra weight. 
  5. I did not have unrealistic expectations. The weight did not fall off over night. If I had a piece of cake, I did not fall off the wagon. I instead dusted myself off and kept going. Setting realistic expectations is the key. If not, we set ourselves up to fail, because we already think we have failed! 

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