Walking daily is one of the best things you can do for your physical & MENTAL HEALTH therefore GREAT for your nervous system. 4 Things You Need To Know About The Power Of Walking

That doesn’t mean you have to walk a marathon.. It just means, WALK! We over complicate exercise sometimes and forget that it’s the gentle practices that make the biggest difference, because it gives us time to think & enjoy the things around us. A nice slow walk especially outside has the power to help regulate your mental health & nervous system.

4 Things You Need To Know About The Power Of Walking

1. Your foot’s impact with the ground with each step sends pressure waves up through the arteries which increases blood flow to the brain. Low brain blood flow is associated with depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, & ADD/ADHD, amongst other things.

2. The act of physically moving your body forward helps shift your mind from reactive mode to creative mode. This helps when you feel stuck, helpless, or anxious. You’re literally moving energy forward. And if you are like me & have the mindset of moving forward this gives you the motion to put with it. It stimulates the brain into the literal sense. When I am stuck with work, home or just everyday life… I go for a walk!

3. Walking gives you a chance to gaze & scan the horizon and views that God gave us. Our attention is constantly focused on our screens but gazing the horizon is a primal instinct that helps calm the nervous system & shows us that there are no immediate threats. Unless you have a bear in the neighborhood. If you have watched my stories, you know😜

4. Walking releases endorphins which can help you feel relaxed, peaceful, connected &joyful.

So many women are pushing their bodies to the extreme with cardio, thinking it is the only way to lose weight or get into shape.

I promise you, your hormones will greatly thank you if you add in some more gentle forms of movement like walks, strength training, pilates, yoga, etc.

In addition to walking, I have fueled my body with proper nutrition, supplements and strength training. If you would like to know how to start with strength training your body grab my FREEBIE, 3 Easy Strength Training Workout Routines: https://www.workwithmandi.com/strength-training-routines.