Knowing that you are here reading this right now, tells me you probably share my love of health through the mind and body. My blog is all about Faith, Family and Fitness. I challenge myself in those three areas daily, not just to have something to write about, but because I truly believe and love everything about all three. I make sure God leads my heart and my ways daily, whether it has to do with this blog, my businesses, my family, my husband or my faith. I do fall short somedays, believe me, so I am not just pointing fingers at anyone in particular. With that being said, I try very hard to not use this blog as a sounding board or a personal rant of any kind and I do not intend to start today.

Why I Am Grateful for This Election

not-my-presidentBut, as I sit here writing my heart is truly hurting and heavy. I have prayed and watched and prayed and watched everything going on in this world and country today, especially in the past week with the election and I cannot continue to watch without showing my gratitude. Yep, you read write, my gratitude! I know this country is hurting. I see the people on TV, I see you in my Facebook newsfeed, I see my friends and family, I see and hear all of the concerns. I do and I am not downplaying and making light of anyones’ feelings at all. But, I have to ask you in your grief and complaining have you shown your gratitude?

  • Gratitude for the God you serve
  • Gratitude for living in a country where you do not have to walk through a metal detector to get into a McDonald’s (true story, my husband and I experienced this in Israel)
  • Gratitude for a country where you can have freedom of speech
  • Gratitude that your children are healthy
  • Gratitude that you have a family
  • Gratitude that you have your health
  • Gratitude that you are still alive

The list goes on and on and everyone’s list is different. I know you are sitting here thinking, but yeah Mandi our country is on its way to having metal detectors and having our freedom of speech taken away. Yeah and you may be right. But, this country and this world is not your home. Newsflash! It is not and never will be! If you are a believer of Jesus Christ why are your putting your apples into the country’s or the world’s basket and not Jesus’ basket?

Stop Letting Fear Control You and Your Actions

I see so much fear, torment and fighting. I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me in some way or another, because it does. BUT, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I do not have to live in fear. How do I know that? Because the Bible told me so and it STILL DOES!

all-lives-matterStop letting fear control you and your actions! Stop letting the world get the best of you!

  • Start praying and seeking Him
  • Start fixing your eyes on His promises
  • Start reading the Bible and reading what He has to say about these things that are happening
  • Start focusing on your future home and not the one you have here

When we start focusing on our future home in heaven then our time here on earth will be spent doing what He has called us to do, which is showing more people His glory! How can you do that while pointing fingers, yelling, screaming, dividing and segregating here on earth? Seriously?! How?!

Show Love Like Jesus

I have said several times before, you do not have to agree to love. Show your love today, because if Jesus was walking this earth today He would be showing His love. Heck, He doesn’t have to be walking the earth to show His love. He shows His love everyday by giving you another breathe, He shows His love everyday by listening to you, He shows His love everyday by His promises. The list goes on and on.

Why I Am Grateful for This ElectionHow does He show His love to you in your everyday life? Are you showing Him gratitude for His love?

Look, I don’t know why these things are happening here in this country and I will probably never know. God is not “allowing” these things to happen, our free will is allowing them to happen. We all have free will. The actions of hate, racism, fighting and pouting are definitely a response of freewill but, so is love. So you see, this post has everything to do with Faith, Family and Fitness. Exercise your faith, look to God to the future. Show your family and your community the love of God. Stop worrying and living in fear, trust God so you can be fit again through your mind and body.

It’s Time to Rise Up Church

I challenge you right now to stop the fighting! It is time to rise up as a church. It is time to rise up as God’s people and stop the fear dead in its tracks. Start getting into the Word of God and start focusing on His promises.

This comes at a great time too. The Holidays are coming and so is the New Year. Start your year off right by showing gratitude! Stop the complaining and start focusing on gratitude.

As your relationship grows with the All Mighty God your faith will return and the fear will cease. It may rear its ugly head every once in a while, but you have a weapon to fight against it. The weapon and the power of the Word of God. Your relationship with God can stop your complaining and replace it with gratitude.

stop-complaining-start-showing-gratitudeNow repeat after me….

Because of my relationship with God, I can now stop complaining. I can now show my gratitude!

Before your feet hit the floor every morning pray this prayer (simple and sweet):

God search my heart and guide my ways. Amen.

And He will…..That’s all it takes! Let Him use you for the greater good!

2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV

  • if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Until next time…



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