The Forgotten Love That We So Desperately Need As a Country

We live in a messed up world. I do not say that lightly. You know it and I know it. This week alone has shown that humanity has lowered itself as a whole. We turn everything that goes wrong in the world into political views and about religion, but we never address the real issue at hand. We are a generation full of ideas and dreams, but we spew a bunch of garbage and hate. We blast each other on social media and then wonder what is wrong with our world today. I will tell you what’s wrong…..

The Forgotten Love That We So Desperately Need As a CountryThe love is gone. Or was it ever really there?

Everyone wants to point fingers and scold each other for not having our same beliefs and opinions. We are forgetting the big picture here. We are forgetting to love.

Jesus was sent to this earth to love. Not to condemn or pass judgement, but to love. He was sent to die for our sins. Future and past sins. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel so unworthy. Why? Because there have been times when I haven’t lived or even wanted to live like him, but yet He still died for me. He had that much LOVE. Love for someone like me…..

I mean think about that, truly reflect on it, for just a minute. Let that sink in.

Do you deserve that love?

We may not think we do, but He sure thought and still thinks we do!

So why don’t we continue that compassion for others? Why don’t we extend that loving and helping hand to others? Why don’t we stop the judging like He did and just love?

Am I getting through to you? I hope I am! Because you see, the world is yearning for love. The world is yearning for compassion. The world is yearning for grace and a helping hand. Put down your Bibles for just one minute and love the person next to you. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. It doesn’t mean that you think they are right. What it means is you are loving like Jesus did and still does.

The Forgotten Love That We So Desperately Need As a CountryThe Way Jesus Loves

I love the gay community. I love the straight community.

I love abortion victims. I love children.

I love the people who have wronged me. I love the people I have wronged.

I love transgendered. I love all genders.

I love illegal immigrants. I love US citizens.

I love Muslims. I love Christians. I love people of all religions.

I love democrats. I love republicans.

I love Donald Trump. I love Hillary Clinton.

I love gun owners. I love anti-gun activists.

I love gorilla families. I love human families.

I love ALL sinners, so yeah that means I love you too!

I love animals but know they are beneath man. Why? Because the Bible tells me so.

I love people even though I know we are all broken. Why? Because the Bible tells me so.

Why do I love all of these people? Because the Bible tells me so. The Bible tells me to love all people, I don’t have to like their actions, their beliefs, or even their personality but I love them.

How do I do this? I do this through an agape love. A love so deep from knowing and loving my God that I love all of His creation because of it.

Why? Because He loves them and so should I.

Just like the song says: Break my heart for what breaks yours.

I ask God every single day to break my heart for what breaks His so I can pray and intercede through his Word. I want to one day go to Heaven knowing that I won souls to the Kingdom of God through love. Because, that my friends is the only way you show anyone the Kingdom of God and the keys to Heaven.

It’s through LOVE!

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