As we all know Hurricane Irma is approaching Florida very quickly and we want to send all of the love, support and prayers out to all of you, as well as all of the Hurricane Harvey victims. 

My heart is super heavy for all of you right now. I know all too well the devastation a hurricane can do. Living in lower Alabama on the Gulf Coast, although beautiful, it is not always a picnic to say the least, especially during hurricane season.

What We All Can Do In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

As I have gotten blog post after blog post ready for this devastation on our sister site,, I have this continuous urge to pray without ceasing. Pray like we haven’t before. Pray like the world is ending. I know that sounds dramatic and all, but guys it is crucial at this point. Prayer works! It doesn’t always work out the way we think it should, but none the less, IT WORKS!

Do not just pray for Hurricane Irma to leave, although that sounds fantastic. 

  • Pray for the evacuees. Some are coming to my neck of the woods. Although it is beautiful here, it is still not home to them.
  • Pray for the children. This is a scary time for them. I can remember being a child and looking at the boarded up windows and doors of our home from the inside and that is a scary thing. 
  • Pray for their homes. Leaving your home during a time like this is hard, even if it is for the best. No one wants to leave their home knowing that they may not see it again. Even though things can be replaced, please know that this is a very hard decision for them.
  • Pray for the ones who chose to stay. Do not judge these people. Again, it is hard. There have been plenty of hurricanes we have ridden out in our homes that we wished later that we had not and many we left for that we wished we had not. It is an extremely hard decision when everything you have ever worked for may be a memory soon. Although this storm is like no other that has ever hit before, so I cannot compare fairly, just know it is hard.
  • Pray for the Florida economy. Florida is full of tourism. My sister website, knows that all too well. Walt Express is all about Disney World vacations and my family and I frequent there. We love the state of Florida, it is our second home. We also have many friends and family who live there. It is their livelihood, as well as mine. 
  • Pray the winds will slow down. Right now as I type this, Hurricane Irma is a Category 5, bigger than any to hit the U.S. that is documented. Pray the winds slow down and there will not be catastrophic damage from this hurricane.

I know all too well this is easier said than done. Don’t believe me? Check out my How I Lost My Crazy Faith & Now I Need It Back post. But, we need to have faith. Faith in God, faith in knowing God is with us during the tough times. Faith in knowing all is well with our soul. How do we get there you might ask.


Look, I am not coming to you from a holier-than-thou stance, becasue we all know Mandi has her issues, faults and shortcomings. I am coming to you as one human being to another. Stop the scare tactics. Stop the bogus crappy false stories. Stop the woe-is-me crap. Stop the end-of-times talk. I get that this is the biggest hurricane that has ever hit U.S soil, but I know without a shadow of a doubt my God is big, He is faithful and He is true. What does that look like with this Hurricane? I do not know! But, I do know He will come through.

What We All Can Do In The Wake Of Hurricane IrmaThe End Of Times

As far as the end of times talk goes. Look, the end of times is near. How near? I do not know! No one knows!

1 Thessalonians 5:2 (NIV): for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a theif in the night.

But, I do know this for sure, I will be ready. Instead of talking about the end-of-times start going out into the world and spreading the light, be the light and shine your light bright. I do not know about you, but I want my loved ones there in heaven with me. Don’t you? Start spreading His word. That is our greatest calling people. The ultimate calling. The only calling that truly matters.

Kindness & Love Go A Long Way

As Hurricane Irma approaches, pray, have faith, take comfort in knowing there is something that is so much bigger than you and I, be there for your loved ones and be the light in these dark days approaching. Kindness and love go a long way people, a long way!

I am praying without ceasing and I will never stop! My prayers and yours can move mountains! Florida locals (my next-door neighbors) we are praying, we are here when you need us and we are rooting you on!

Until next time….



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