In a world filled with various health supplements and wellness trends, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are truly essential for you and your family. As a dedicated advocate for well-being, I’ve embarked on a journey to find the most vital supplements that have not only become a daily ritual for me but for my entire family as well. The 9 Essential Mito Life Supplements My Family Takes Daily!

I’m excited to share the top 8 Mito Life supplements that have taken center stage in our daily routine. These remarkable additions to our health regimen have made a tangible difference in our lives, helping us thrive and maintain the vitality we all desire. From boosting our immune systems to enhancing our overall well-being, these supplements have become indispensable.

These supplements at first glance may seem expensive, but after researching quality for the price these supplements are the most economical. Remember, take care of your health now or later. Wouldn’t you rather take care of it now, than later?

The 9 Essential Mito Life Supplements My Family Takes Daily

  1. Encephalon – Cognitive Support: My husband takes this morning and afternoon. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon for extra support. It has helped his mental clarity and sharpness and were felt within the first week. No more brain fog or mental fatigue. His mind feels supercharged and he feels he can keep going with his active lifestyle even longer throughout the day.
  2. Beef Liver: Ever since Chris and I have started supplementing with beef liver we have noticed our bodies have less inflammation, less anxiety, and more energy. We take three in the morning. For an added boost of energy in the afternoon, we take three with one NAD Power- Super Strength. Great for afternoon slumps!
  3. Mag-ATP (Magnesium Complex): We have tried many magnesiums and this one is far superior to the others! Chris and I, both, sleep better, our anxiety is gone and it is easy on the stomach. Chris used to have a hard time sleeping, but no longer! We take three before bedtime and we both sleep like babies.
  4. Dessicated Oyster – Bioavailable Copper: I cannot say enough about this product! My skin is glowing, Chris and I both have less gray hair and I believe without a shadow of a doubt we dodge the viral Big C because of the zinc in this product. Our immune system is healthier than ever. Not to mention, our workout recovery is amazing. Neither of us are as sore after working out. AND I have to say it, oysters are an aphrodisiac… Need I say more? We both take two every evening so as our bodies are resetting every night the magic of this supplement is working.
  5. NAD Power – Super Strength: We do not take this everyday. But we will pair it with the Beef Liver, as I mentioned above, for an extra energy boost on days that we are more active than others.
  6. Purely K – Super Strength: After my heart surgeries, I found myself with extra cavities due to the side effects of heart meds. I soon started taking Vitamin K and my dental health has been off of the charts! One a day is all you need for great dental health.
  7. Pufa Protect (Vitamin E): Everyone needs a good Vitamin E supplement. If you start with just one supplement Vitamin E should be the one. I have always taken Vitamin E, but Mito Life’s Vitamin E is top notch. I have seen less sun damage and freckles on my face and my dry skin during the Winter is NO MORE. I take one a day everyday except for in the Winter when I take three for extra dry skin support.
  8. Panacea (Pure Shilajit Tablets):  I would recommend this quality mineral supplement to anyone who needs to improve their mineral intake, not to mention it helps tremendously with brain fog. After my heart surgeries I took three in the morning and three in the afternoon for the brain fog the meds and anesthesia gave me. It also gave me energy without the jitters like caffeine gave me which in return gave me more anxiety.
  9. Dissolve-It-All (Systemic Enzymes): This product is by far my favorite from Mito Life! After my heart surgeries I had so many scars on my chest that were so noticable. Since taking this supplement the scarring is barely there. But, here is the best part! I had Fibrocystic breast due to heart medications. I had to go in to get them drained routinely. On my last mammogram my doctor was so surprised of the difference. I barely have anymore lumps in my breast. No more painful breasts.