Okay, so here is the deal, you don’t have to have the perfect “set up” to workout or the perfect children either. God knows, I don’t but, I love them anyway. 😉 Nor do they have the perfect mother either. I have a workout room I can escape to but, with these three some days, I have to resort to the living room.

DON’T use your kids as an excuse for not working out!

Your body needs it to stay healthy and you don’t have to have a long workout. (Be very careful when choosing a home workout, make sure it is the right fit for you and make sure it’s not TOO much for you, but not TOO little either. Be smart! Contact me if you need help choosing, I will be happy to help.) You are your own personal trainer. You have to push yourself when you need to be pushed and pull back when you need to pull back!

I know we are all moms here and working out is hard but, hey this is for your health! You want to be around for a long time, right?!

Awesome! Now that we know you want to be around a long time, let’s make that happen by starting with some UPPER BODY! Let’s get going! This is a short workout anyone can do.

What do you need?

  • Weights (if you don’t have weights, use items around the house. Be creative! Remember, no excuses!)
  • A mat (optional)
  • water
  • ambition and drive

So here we go! Check out the video I provided and see how I demonstrated, then get to it!

Bicep into Over Head Shoulder Press

Start by taking both arms up into bicep curl at the same time. Make sure you keep your elbows close to your sides as you bring your weights up bending at the elbow. As you go over head DO NOT break your wrists. Go down in the same motion as you went up.If you start getting tired alternate each arm. Repeat for 1 minute. 

Quick Upper Body Workout For The Busy MamaLat Weighted Pullover

Laying on your back with a slight bend in the elbow, take your arms over head then back up over the chest. Push your weights together for more control. As you get stronger take your weights apart, then eventually take one arm at a time stabilizing the abs as you work one arm at a time. Repeat for 1 minute.

Chest Press

Laying on your back, palms facing inward. Press up and down for 1 minute.

Shoulder Raises

Simple but effective move. Facing your palms inward, raise up and down making sure you do not raise above the shoulders. Repeat for 1 minute.

Do 2 sets of each exercise. Go through all of them one time then repeat!


  • Listen to your body, remember you are your own trainer.
  • Take away weight when needed, add when needed too! We want to see progress.
  • Make sure you watch your form and less injury will occur!
  • When purchasing your own weights check Target and Amazon or even Craigslist (if you are into that).

Until next time….



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