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I have been on a transformative life journey the last 3 years or so (give or take). It started with the birth of my twins. I had a three-year old and now twins, I was stressed out, exhausted, not taking care of myself, and making POOR life decisions. I was on a mission to find out who I was again, not only in fitness but, mentally and spiritually.

I was in survival mode and it was a dangerous place for me to be! I pushed myself to take care of kids and I was not taking care of myself! I used to be in the health and fitness industry but, now I found myself changing diapers and cleaning up messes. I thought the only way to get healthy was to go to a gym. I was depressed, because I wanted to feel better mentally, physically and spiritually!

Although I enjoyed being a mom and loved my babies, I knew I needed to work on myself!

When I finally got serious about this health and fitness journey that I have been on for sometime, I was determined to figure out how to do it with my kids at home and to be a role model for them. I found an online accountability group and started pushing play on my home workouts and eating clean nutrition. I gained energy and my confidence back. I lost 18 pounds and I am still going strong!

Before and After

Can you relate to my story? Do you get so lost in the daily grind that you stop feeling?

That is NOT the person I am now. Is my life perfect? No way! It never will be…we will always be striving to become better human beings. I dedicate everyday to live the way Jesus wants me to but, I fail all the time! I have my ups and downs like anyone else. I still take care of myself physically, but now also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are a fit family and our kids take this journey with us. We are showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle and we are investing in our future as well as theirs.

I restored balance to my life as a stay at home mom and the rest of my time is dedicated as to helping other women find out who they truly are and who they truly want to be! Reach out to me! I would love to help you on your transformative journey. I have been there and done that… I would love to chat: [email protected]

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