An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door

I love making my own smoothies at home, but sometimes I have to admit I am quite lazy with meal prepping, planning and fixing my own recipes, meals and smoothies. Since my two heart surgeries I have learned to simplify my life wherever I can possible. Daily Harvest helps me do that!

When I came across Daily Harvest after my second heart surgery I was so excited. I knew it would take the planning out of buying produce and fixing my smoothies. I know it sounds silly, but it truly can be time-consuming when it comes to planning out meals or smoothies each week. So after my heart journey experience and while I was recouping from my surgery I thought I would give Daily Harvest a try and honestly I haven’t looked back! We are still drinking them!

An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door

The Produce & Ingredients

The produce in Daily Harvest is fresh in every cup, not to mention it looks colorful and pretty too. I love the fact that with Daily Harvest none of the produce goes to waste. It is all used in one cup. You can share or you can drink it all yourself. I prefer to drink it all myself honestly!

I have tried other smoothie monthly deliveries and they have not lived up to my standards as well as Daily Harvest. I love that Daily Harvest comes right to your door frozen in dry ice and there is no preparing at all. Transfer the contents of the Daily Harvest box into the freezer and then pull each individual smoothie out when you are ready to blend and use. No chopping or preparing produce. It is already chopped and prepared!

I also love that Daily Harvest will show you on their website recommendations for most dietary preferences.

An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door

The Price

The price is very reasonable for what you get! They are not what I call “cheap” smoothies, but the service is more for the convenience and the quality of the ingredients. We drink smoothies for breakfast every morning and often for lunch as well, so this is perfect for us. I like that the cups the ingredients come in can be used to drink out of as well – the black plastic lids have a pre-scored area for a straw to fit through. 

I buy enough for the month and store them in my kitchen freezer, as well as my deep freeze. (They do not take up that much room, I would just rather put a little in my kitchen freezer at a time.) You have different options of plans and when you want your order delivered each month.

I find the price is very reasonable, as I mentioned above. I actually spend less using Daily Harvest on my smoothies than I would throughout the month buying my own produce. Sometimes my produce will go bad before I use it or I overbuy. This cuts down on that completely!

An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door

Variety & Flavor

Daily Harvest comes in many different smoothie flavors, as well as smoothie bowls, soups, lattes, overnight oats, chia parfaits and sundaes. All are made with yummy ingredients and are easy to prepare as I said above. I have tried all of the smoothies, lattes and overnight oats. All are amazingly good! I am looking forward to trying the other products they have to offer soon.

An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door

Final Thoughts

I recommend Daily Harvest for anyone that loves smoothies and is interested in trying some unexpected and thoughtful flavor combinations with top-notch ingredients. 

Ingredients I Love To Add

I love adding a few more ingredients to my my Daily Harvest smoothies. I love adding a bit of protein so I can use the smoothies as a meal or a post-workout treat. With each smoothie I add these two simple ingredients that add no flavor, just more vitamins and nutrients.


When you use my link to Daily Harvest new customers will receive three free cups in their first box. No coupons, just use the link and voila, three free cups! 

Let me know if you try this amazing service. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Have Smoothies Delivered To Your Door