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4 Reasons I Love That No Two Women Are Alike

I posted a comment on my Facebook page, something that really got me thinking, and I wanted to elaborate on it a little more.

I talk to many ladies throughout the week and a lot of them say: I wish I liked to workout like you! If I did, I would work out all of the time.

I do like to workout but… I have trained myself to like it and this is why:

  1. I have more energy to run with my kids!
  2. I can go on vacation and not worry about how much walking I will do because, I am in shape.
  3. I feel better! My joints, my skin, and my hair are in better condition than ever.
  4. I do not have as many migraines as I used to! Praise the LORD!
  5. I feel better about myself because, I know I am taking care of my TEMPLE! The temple God gave me!

My Body

Okay here’s where I elaborate a bit. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t about other things too. I am a woman, and I am human. Some days, I fall short to society too. I fall short to what the world thinks I should look like. I fall short to thinking a certain way of how I should dress and how I should look and the list goes on. But, that is only the enemy trying to tell me that I am not good enough unless I am a certain size or shape.


The caption to this image originally read: All of these women weigh 154 pounds and this is why we should stop comparing ourselves to each other (especially when it comes to weight).

Women come in all shapes and sizes and lately I have come to appreciate that in every single way.

Reasons why I love that no two women are alike:

  1. I think that if all of us were alike, it would be pretty boring!! Really boring honestly!
  2. Who would we learn from if we all were alike? I love knowledge, and I love being with someone who can teach me something, we all have something to teach and to learn, no matter the similarities you have with each other. Even if you think you don’t have anything to teach or to learn from someone, I PROMISE YOU DO!
  3. Who could we share our testimony with? Seriously, think about it! If we were all alike there wouldn’t be testimonies! Just the same ol’ story over and over again! Boring! I believe God helps us use our trials so we can share and help someone going through the same thing. So we can relate and help!
  4. We would all be wearing the same thing, because we would all be the same shape and size. Again boring! I like everyone’s unique style. I love the fact that some things I cannot wear or am not able to “pull off” because, I am too short or my torso is too long. (Seriously, the struggle is real! ;-))

So next time you are trying to work out and eat well to measure up to your neighbor, because she is skinny or she has the perfect butt or she has a tiny waistline, remember this list! Be you! Be who you truly are! Exercise and eat right, because you want to be YOU and feel like YOU! Don’t fall short to society and the way society thinks you should look or act.

Two girls looking each other angry

Most women want to lose weight to look good in a pair of jeans or to be able to wear the trendy styles. That is okay but, don’t let it be your “why”! Make your “why” bigger than that. Make it about your inner beauty not, just your outer beauty!



What is your “why”?

So with that being said what is your “why”? Why do you workout and eat well?

I have to admit, life does get in the way sometimes and I don’t do so well with my “why” but, I call it a “scratch” and I strive to make the next day better! I know exercise and fitness is not a cure-all, but it will make your quality of life better!

So do you think you could train yourself to like to workout and eat better? I think you could! As a matter of fact, I KNOW YOU COULD!

It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit! Are you ready to break the bad habits and make new habits in its place?

I will support you every bit of the way! After all we are in this together!!!

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