Today we are going to go over some simple Instagram tips, the three Es…. Empower, Entertain, Educate, 3 Types of Content That Create Value for Your Instagram Audience.

3 Types of Content That Create Value for Your Instagram Audience

Your existence on Instagram does not have to be complicated. It is not as hard as we make it sometimes. So let’s simplify it by finding easy solutions on Instagram and work smarter not harder.

Tip Number One: Empower

Offer endless encouragement! Everybody wants to be encouraged and inspired especially in this day and age. Be positive, encourage, inspire and empower your followers. The right followers will come back for more. Wouldn’t you? I definitely would. We all need more positivity in our life and in this world right now and people are seeking it. Give them what they are seeking! Simple as that!

Tip Number Two: Educate

Help your audience by sharing your expertise. Don’t talk about stuff that you don’t know anything about. YOu will lose you creditabilty and will become bored. Talk about things you know a lot about. If you are a great cake decorator, show your expertise and give them genuine tips for cake decorating. If you love to DIY, share your DIYs. Educate them of how they can do it too. Education is key! The right people will keep coming back for more when you create content that can help and educate them in their everyday life. People want to work smarter not harder, just like you. What better way than to educate them on things you know, so they can be in the know as well.

Tip Number Three: Entertain

Entertain and show your personality! Inject some humor into your feed when you can. Don’t be a dud! Don’t be boring! Nobody likes that anyway. Share your personality with the world. You will attract the people that are meant to follow you by showing your own genuine personality. Isn’t that why you started this account anyway? To show the world who you are and what you have to offer.

You are unique and God made you with your own unique voice and personality. So use it and use it wisely! What are you waiting for anyway?

So there you have it, 3 Types of Content That Create Value for Your Instagram Audience. Check out my IGTV video to learn even more about this topic.

3 Types of Content That Create Value for Your Instagram Audience

Let’s Chat about 3 Types of Content

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I hope these tips help. Let me know how they work on your own Instagram account!

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