Honestly, I don’t love majority of the social media platforms. That’s just me being real with you. I do love Instagram and I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve been able to grow it to over 38K followers.

I’ve gotten a ton of DMs requesting consults and I knew it was time to share my strategy. Instagram is so specific when it comes to individual communties, so I only do 1:1 consults. It’s really not a one size fits all strategy. You are unique and so is your brand.



  • IG assessment based on your current profile, content, and design 
  • 2 week turnaround time
  • 45-minute Zoom call to review your customized strategy
  • Customized assessment (PDF)




  • Easy to follow DIY
  • Short Video Instruction
  • Checklist
  • Go at your own pace
  • No expiration



  • Full assessment of your IG account from content development to visual branding
  • (1) 1-Hour Zoom call/month
  • 3-months of instruction, guidance, and support
  • Workflow and community growth strategy
  • Content and business profile development
  • Customized assessment (PDF)


Amanda’s advice and strategies for my Social Media content has been nothing short of amazing!

I love how she explains everything in a way that relates to me and it’s so easy to understand. Since I started working with her, I’ve seen a huge increase in my engagement and my following. And to add to that the majority of my gained following is genuine and authentic!

My content is more consistent and I have an overall better plan for my scheduling. Amanda keeps it fun and stress free and I love that about her! I wouldn’t want learn from anyone else, she’s the Yoda to my Luke Skywalker!

Paten Williams

Walt Express by Paten

Amanda’s guidance for my Social Media content was invaluable. Since working with her and implementing her strategies I have seen a TREMENDOUS increase in authentic followers and intentional engagement on my posts.

In four months I saw a 500% increase! THAT IS HUGE! Amanda doesn’t give a sugar, coated “one size fits all” plan that promises the moon with certain tips – but instead she provides real advice and encouragement. No gimmicks or quick tricks with this girl. Instead her strategies will provide a plan for lasting, authentic growth for your social media following.

I can never thank her enough for the help she’s given and continues to give me!


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