Did you know you can Save Money While Christmas Shopping Online? Well, you can! 

As you read this, remember I am not an expert at anything, just good ol’ trial and error and school of hard knocks has shown me how to better my financial health. As you know, Chris and I are slowly becoming debt-free. So, I have come across some ways to save some dough when shopping online over the past few years, especially since my twins were born. When they came into the world, being the bundle of joys they were and still are, I found myself doing a lot of online shopping and actually still do! Well because, who wanted to go to the store with three little ones under the age of three? So fast forward a bit, I have picked up a few tricks that I would love to share and maybe even help you with your Christmas shopping!

Yes, I know, Christmas!!!! It’s only 21 days away! Okay don’t get into panic-mode. Calm down!

1) Shop through Rakuten

Rakuten is super simple to use. You just log in, pick your store you want to shop, click on it, checkout and voila!

Just this year alone, I’ve earned over $50 cash back from online purchases, and that doesn’t even include my Christmas shopping yet!

I love using Rakuten on purchases from vitamins to groceries to department store purchases. There are so many large brands and companies to choose from through Rakuten. You can also install an Rakuten button on your toolbar that will alert you when an online site has cash back available, so you never miss savings.

I personally like to combine Rakuten with a cash back credit card for even more savings. But if you decide to do the same, make sure to pay that card off every month. Seriously! Or it didn’t save you money, it just added to your money problems.3 Simple Ways to Save Money While Christmas Shopping Online2) Shop with a Chase Disney Card

If you are a Disney crazed family like we are this card comes in handy. (Remember what I said above though, pay it off every month. Don’t keep a balance or you will end up with more debt and that is not what we are wanting here. Right?) This card will give you 10% off purchases of $50 or more at DisneyStore.com, then combine it with Rakuten. SCORE! Even more savings!! 

3) Sign up for Email and Newsletter Lists

I know what you are thinking, DUH! And then your second thought, I don’t want all of the extra junk mail in my inbox, Mandi. But, before you go subscribe to all of those email and newsletter lists make sure you open up another email account maybe at Gmail or Yahoo. I would highly advise to get another email address just for this purpose. If you are like me, I get easily overwhelmed by so many emails. I check my “email and newsletter” account maybe once a week. Sort through the good stuff and delete the bad. Combine these sales and Rakuten, SCORE again!

Bonus: Leave items in your Shopping Cart Online

I know sounds weird doesn’t it? But seriously, DO IT! Sometimes the online store will send you an email with a coupon code in it so you will get off the fence and actually buy the items in your cart. Sometimes as soon as the day after. Worth as try and plus it will help with impulse buying and regrets later. It is always better to sleep on it!

Pair this tip with Rakuten and it would be even better!

So hopefully that will get your online Christmas shopping off on the right foot! Let me know if you have any Christmas money saving tools. I would love to hear!

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