If you are anything like me you are always looking for a way to save some dough. Every family wants to save for a rainy day, so what better way than saving without even making an effort. Seriously, no effort at all!

Start Saving Money Online Like a Professional With Digit

Digit has become my BFF, it takes the work out of saving, it’s easy and it works fabulous! This app sends you reminders and account balances too. It does SO much that can help your budget, as well as savings!

This FREE app studies our spending habits, then automatically finds small amounts of money that we don’t spend and saves for us. It takes the discipline out of saving and you do not even miss the money after it is gone. Sneaky, right?!

Start Saving Money Online Like a Professional With DigitCheck Out If Digit Is Right For You

  • All money saved is FDIC insured up to $250,000.
  • It’s safe. All of your personal info is anonymized, encrypted and securely stored using state of the art security measures.
  • You can also withdraw anytime you want by texting, “withdraw” and you can get you money back to the account you have linked to Digit.
  • Your savings “earns money”. Digit is not a bank, therefore isn’t allowed to pay interest. However they do have a rewards program, as well as a referral program, so sign up your friends and start saving even more!
  • You can pause your savings at any time.
  • Everyday you are sent a text from Digit. They keep you in the know always and will keep you up-to-date of all the happenings and savings in your accounts.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started with Digit and the best part is….. it is working even while you sleep. It is that easy! 

Get Started With Digit

  1. Connect Your Bank Account: Connect Digit to your checking account. This allows Digit to analyze your income and spending, and find small amounts of money it can safely set aside for you.
  2. Digit Saves a Small Amount of Money For You Every Week: Every 2-5 days, Digit transfers money from your checking account to your Digit savings. Remember, Digit watches your spending habits in your bank account so, Digit will never transfer more than you can afford. You won’t have to worry about over-drafting your account. In fact, they have a no-overdraft guarantee.
  3. Access Your Savings at Anytime: When you need your savings, send Digit a text message. Digit will transfer the money from your Digit savings back to your checking account next business day. Digit allows unlimited transfers, with no minimums, and no fees.

So are you ready to start saving? You should be! This is the easiest way to save if you ask me! My Digit Savings just paid for one of our many trips to Disney. A family of 5 to Disney, including our annual passes, now that is some cash!

Think of what you could do with that extra money! New car, Family Vacation, Kitchen Remodel, An addition to Your Home, The Possibilities are Endless. Now get to saving, you won’t be sorry!

I know you have 5 minutes. Don’t wait, click here to begin saving: https://digit.co/r/bJXcG92EUb?wn. Thank you so much for using my link! By you using my link I can save even more money! Don’t forget, once you have signed up, share with your friends, so you can start saving even more money with Digit too! Share with you friends on Facebook, Twitter and email so you can watch your savings grow even faster! 

Happy Saving!

Until next time….



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