A lot of you have been asking me on Instagram what my secret has been to my skin health. Well, it’s really no secret! I started this skin regimen a bit reluctant and was not expecting such amazing results. As you know I have a rare genetic heart condition and heart medications have created havoc on my skin this past year, especially.

My Story

If you have been reading for any given time here on my website or you have been watching my IG stories you also know that I have acne prone skin and I have tried everything. I seriously mean everything! I have battled acne all of my life. It was so annoying to be in my thirties and still battling acne like a school girl, but their I was!

I had been told time after time that the only thing that would rid me of my acne was to buy the expensive brands with expensive chemicals. All that did was dry my skin out, but the acne was still their. It was so annoying to say the least! My skin was oily and it wouldn’t hold makeup well either.

Since starting with Beautycounter products just a short month ago, I no longer have any breakouts and the breakouts I had are all gone. My skin even holds onto my makeup better and I don’t have to use as much when I do wear makeup. So in the long run I am saving a bit of money by using Beautycounter’s moisturizing and beauty products. I know what you are thinking: Whatever, Mandi! But, I am serious! These products are the “real deal” and not only are they the “real deal” they are also good for you too!

Their Story

It also helps that these products are safer for you and they put people first in everything they do!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “[g]reen chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances.” In simpler terms, green chemistry allows us to innovate with ingredients and create products that are increasingly conscious of both human health and the environment.

BeautyCounter practices Green Chemistry and is dedicated to giving you products that will make a lasting difference in you and your families’ life. No more chemicals. No more toxins. Say Hello to healthier skin and a healthier life. When we surround ourselves with chemical based beauty products, we not only, send our skin in an unhealthy spiral we also raise our chances for deathly illnesses such as cancer.

BeautyCounter is also dedicated to bettering their products even further, so they continue to research and create products that will make a difference in your life and skin. It doesn’t stop with skin care, it goes beyond. And that makes this crunchy mama quite happy, to say the least.

It’s A Family Affair

I even got the family involved and willing to try something new! Don’t forget to check out all of the goodies for the kiddos and even your spouse! My kids love the shampoo and my husband loves the charcoal bar!


With all of that being said, I decided to join Beautycounter..as a consultant. Never ever did I think I’d be a consultant for anything like this because I’ll be honest, I really do not have time for it as I have enough on my plate in terms of work, income, kids, homeschool…. ya know all the things called LIFE. BUT, when something like this has not only made a difference for me and my skin, but more importantly it is creating a movement to fight for congress to regulate the beauty industry. Because…

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

And that my friends is messed up!

I’ve used about 20 of their products (including makeup too) to make sure I really can stand behind it (and how it works for me) before sharing with you..and friends, it has actually worked for me. Thank ya Jesus! That was only twenty plus years in the making!

You know I never promote anything I cannot stand fully behind. So, it is safe to say I am sold on these products. Better skin care. Better environment. Better way of living.

For those who are wanting to give it a try you can check out a few of my favorites right here or take a peek around the site here  www.BeautyCounter.com and ask me any questions you may have!  


Today starts Black Friday savings at Beautycounter! 15% off and free shipping has me sold! Just in time for the Holidays! Great stocking stuffers or a self-present. Sssssshhhh! I won’t tell!

To get in on this deal make sure you shop through this link so you can benefit from all of the goodness Beautycounter has to offer and get in on some savings sista! 

But hurry, sale ends Monday, November 26, 2018!

Until next time…



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