Where is your faith level

The other day I was riding down the road with my kiddos and I heard a song on the radio I had been familiar with in the years’ past but, I hadn’t heard it in a very long time. When I heard this song I was reminded of a lot of things. I was so glad God put it in my path for me to hear again this Christmas season!

I will give you a minute to listen……

Have you ever asked God, “Why me?” Have you ever been surprised of the road God is or has taken you on? When you think of your life could you have dreamed of the path God has taken you down?

We all question and wonder God’s path for our lives and wonder, “why” and all the while God has it all figured out. We, here on earth, are worried and determined to try to figure it all out but, all the while God is gently telling us, “I’ve got this! I did not put a spirit of worry in you. Just have FAITH in Me.”

You may be thinking just like Joseph in this song, “I am just a simple, ordinary person. What could God really want with me?” I tell you what he wants with you, your trust and your faith. He wants you to be His child, His follower, He wants to take care of you always.

God wants to use you in incredible ways. Let Him! Even though you have no idea what He is doing and where He is taking you, have faith that He knows what He is doing. Because, guess what, He does!

What if…. Mary and Joseph would have told God, “Eh, no thanks! I’ve got other things to do right now. I don’t have time to raise your son.” What if? So many things would not be fulfilled through God. Don’t you want to fulfill His calling for you? Don’t you want to become the person He has called you to be? I know I do!

He may not fulfill it the way you think it should be fulfilled but, He will do it in His timing and the best way it should be done. It’s never the way you dreamed it to be but, SO MUCH BETTER! I challenge you for the new year to ask God how you can step out in faith, so you can fulfill the journey and life that God has in store for you. When He answers are you willing to step out in faith and be the servant of God that He created you to be?

Where is your faith level

As I write this, my family is in need of prayer. My husband and I have taken another leap of faith for our family. God has called us and now we are taking the journey with Him. We ask that you lift us up in prayer if you will. He has always provided and He will continue!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support of this blog of mine. My prayers for this blog is to reach many readers, not for my own sake but, for God’s and you have helped make that happen! My readers have more than doubled since this time last year and I have you to thank for that. This blog was a leap of faith for me and God once again has provided! Thanks again for being here! I love each and every single one of you! From my family to yours……


where is your faith level

Chris and Mandi Beach

Until next time….



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