I am greatly honored that this beautiful lady is sharing her story on my blog, she is truly an overcomer!  I have the honor of not only calling her my friend but my workout buddy, as well! Her courage inspires me and I pray it will inspire you too.
~Mandi~Growing up, and then as a young adult, I would often look back on my life and wonder ‘why me?’. My childhood was dotted with extremely painful experiences and darkness – much of which remains unspoken, reconciled. I could not make sense of the purpose for any of it in my life. If the early wake of destruction in my life and in the lives of people I love was not nearly enough, I quickly set myself down a perilous path that ensured many more layers upon layers of existing wounds.

On the anniversary of 9/11 several weeks ago, I shared my experience of that day on social media; how I knew clearly that God spared my life that day. I was overwhelmed by the response to that post from people commenting how my story touched and encouraged them. For me, however, that particular day thirteen years ago was just the tip of the iceberg in God’s redemption of my life and his unrelenting pursuit of my heart. Many times over, the Lord has plucked me from impossible situations and completely restored me. Two years prior to 9/11, He rescued me from a nearly fatal automobile accident – the result of my own reckless decision and lifestyle at that time. Despite a lengthy stay in the ICU due to internal bleeding that required intubation, and suffering multiple fractures, He restored me. He has allowed me to give birth to two absolutely amazing children when I believed I would never be able to conceive as a result of my own doing. Again. And yet He restored me. The pain and sorrow of my childhood experience could have rightfully sent me into a permanent state of total despair, depression and bitterness (and at one point almost did). The Lord rescued and restored me from that as well. Again and again. Rescue and restoration is what He does… and masterfully. Is it any surprise? He is the author of redemption. I know this now. I can look back at all of the dots in my life and clearly see His fingerprints on them.

L. B. Cowman wrote, “Each of us has many black dots or spots in our life, and we cannot understand why they are there or why God permitted them. But when we allow Him into our life to adjust the dots in the proper way, to draw the lines He desires, and to put rests at the proper places to separate us from certain things, then from the black dots and spots He will compose a glorious harmony.”.

My heart is eternally grateful for that ‘glorious harmony’ He has composed over my life. My hope and prayer is that you would allow Him to create that same beautiful tapestry with all of the dots and spots in your life.

~ Johanna ~

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