You will function as what you see yourself to be!

Think about that sentence for just a minute. What do you see yourself to be? A wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister? As a female we wear many hats! Let’s be honest we give a lot! But, who do you really see yourself to be? Sometimes we don’t see what God sees, we see someone who is worn down and tired or a mom that yelled at her kids too much the day before or we see all of the faults on our skin or bodies. Most of the time they are amplified too and they aren’t even as bad as what we think. The enemy wants us to stay in that state of mind and dwell on those things and not only that, he is dirty, he keeps bringing them up time and time again!

What do you see yourself to be? Seriously think about it. If it’s negative throw it out and start all over! I have to throw some of my thoughts away a lot! I have to remind myself every day, because it is an ongoing battle, that I am a child of God and I was made perfectly in His image. My daily prayer is to see myself the way God sees me. Could you imagine the possibilities if we saw ourselves the way He sees us! We would be rockin’ an impressive attitude and we would accomplish so much! We would have the confidence to be whatever we wanted to be and that my friend is how I want to live! How about you? What are your thoughts? How do you see yourself? How are you functioning? Until next time follow me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest!


Genesis 1:27: And God creator man in His own image, ASV. 

(I get my scripture from the Holy Bible App. It’s my go to when I don’t have a Bible near by, I always have my phone.)

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