Little Monkeys

Oh my goodness! I am here to tell you dinner time and breakfast time at the Middleton Household is highly over-rated, highly, I say! I love those sweet little kids of mine but, geez two out of three of them are picky! The crazy thing is none of them started out that way, at all. Dale is the only one that isn’t picky, whatever you put in front of him he will at least try. Mines well call him, Mikey. Mikey likes it! Remember that commercial? Good, now stop, you are showing your age!

Back to me…. If they aren’t fussing over the food they are getting the food all over the floor. Which boggles my mind, if you aren’t eating it how can you make such a mess? I mean seriously, there is always a pile of crumbs sky-high by the time the meal is over! What boggles my mind even more is why won’t they eat what I want them to anymore? I didn’t have these problems when they were smaller. I will answer that question for you. It’s because they have opinions now! Oh, those sweet little opinions we love so much! You know the ones, I don’t like bananas, I don’t like peas, I don’t like turnips. (I can’t blame them there, I don’t either. Yes, I know I’m from the South, I should.)

So my question to you ladies is, how do you make everyone happy in your family at dinner time? Everyone has a different opinion of what they like and don’t like. How do you make everyone happy without killing yourself in the kitchen making several different things? What are some good dinner meals and/or breakfast ideas you like? Would you be willing to share? I would love to hear some new ideas! I’m all ears!

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Until next time, may all of your meals be happy! God willing! Stay strong, ladies, stay strong!

By the way, I got the image above from Amazon and it is a great little board book about table manners.

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