I’ve decided to shake things up in my kitchen, by Embracing Glass Over Plastic in a Sustainable Kitchen Makeover.

No I am not trying out fancy recipes or becoming a culinary genius overnight. Well, not this time anyway! It’s actually about something way more down-to-earth – or should I say, down-to-kitchen? Ha, ha… I know, bad joke! I’ve decided to ditch all the plastic in my kitchen and go all-in on glass. Yep, from Tupperware to utensils – the whole shebang. Now, why, you ask? Well, it’s not just a random whim; it’s a small step towards a greener, less plastic-filled world. Join me in this journey of turning my kitchen into a glass haven, where practical meets eco-friendly, and we might just discover some cool tips and tricks along the way!

As you know, we live in a camper right now so it is not ideal with the lack of room we have, BUT in the pursuit of a cleaner home, fewer hormonal issues, and a healthier overall life…. it needed to be done!

Embracing Glass Over Plastic in a Sustainable Kitchen Makeover

First up, I tackled the Tupperware graveyard. Goodbye, mismatched plastic containers with missing lids – hello, organized, see-through glass storage. I mean, who knew my leftovers could look so chic? Plus, there’s this undeniable satisfaction in seeing exactly what’s in the fridge without playing container Jenga.

Then, I ventured into the realm of utensils. Plastic spatulas and stirring spoons, you’ve served me well, but it’s time to make room for your glass counterparts. It’s like upgrading from a hatchback to a sleek new SUV – same job, just a lot more stylish.

Now, I won’t lie – this switcheroo is a work in progress. There have been a few “oops, there goes another glass” moments. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a plastic-free kitchen won’t be either.

So, here’s to glass jars, glass bowls, and the inevitable dance of trying not to drop anything. Join me on this ride, where we navigate the fine line between practicality and trying not to break the bank – or the glassware!

Kitchen Glassware Must-Haves

Remember what I said before! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so these items were sitting in my cart for a while until I was able to buy them all. When we moved from our house to our camper, we got rid of a lot, so it was well-needed to replenish our sparse kitchen.

Go slow! I get it! It gets pricey way too fast. But for that very reason, I have compiled an Amazon list that can help you save some dough and I have tried that you will love too!