Check out Cozy Retreats: How to Create the Perfect Fall Camper Haven if you want to know how to create a cozy home in your camper or RV. Step into a world where the crisp autumn air meets warm, inviting interiors. Join us on a journey to discover the art of crafting the ideal fall camper haven, where roaring campfires, snug blankets, and seasonal decor transform your mobile home into a haven of comfort and relaxation. Embrace the magic of fall in your camper with tips and inspiration for a truly cozy retreat.

Cozy Retreats: How to Create the Perfect Fall Camper Haven

Here are a few ways to create a cozy fall camper inside and out:

Fall Decor: you do not have to spend a fortune on minimal fall decor. We find sales at Kirklands and we frequent Dollar General. There seems to be one on every corner, so you shouldn’t have a problem there. 😜 Make it feel cozy and warm with candles and decor you would have at home, but on a smaller scale and without the clutter. Be sure to check out the items we love this year at Kirklands.

Blankets: we can never have too many blankets in our camper. We use them inside cuddled up watching a movie and outside by the campfire. Again, invest in items that aren’t expensive. More than likely your blankets will get dirty since you are camping, so if you spend a lot of money, you won’t be happy when they get filthy. I like to find lightening deals on Amazon. They have them quite often. Check out our favorites on Amazon!

Decorative Pillows: we are going for minimal living here, but I like investing in fall decorative pillow covers for pillows I already have. That way, I am not adding a pillow to the mix. No one wants to take a 1001 pillows off the bed to sleep in it especially in a camper. We also add a few fall decorative pillow covers to our outside furniture. Amazon has a lot to choose from. Check out our favorites on Amazon!

Fire starters: small log fire starters can be found at Walmart, Dollar Tree or Dollar General for very little money. Or you can find them on Amazon for a really good price too! They are great to have on hand since they are so easy to light and start our outside fires. We even leave one in our camper rental for our guests. They are so easy to use! 

You can decorate your camper for Fall without the clutter while living minimally. You just need to get a bit creative.

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