“For better or for worse”. When we exchanged our vows 14 years ago we were starting our lives together with excitement. We had only known each other for five months when we were married and only three weeks when we got engaged. It was sudden! We weren’t thinking about the “worse”. We were only thinking about the “better”. We didn’t think that one of us would be a caretaker so soon.

As we walked through my heart health journey we talked about how we never would have dreamed that this would “happen to us”.

Celebrate the Caretakers and Hand Holders

God didn’t say life would be easy. (Matt 7:13-14) He said there would be hard days, hard times and hard seasons in life. We may not have envisioned our journey to take such a turn at such a young age. We may not have envisioned our lives to be turned upside-down from a health scare. We may not have dreamed of the scariness, the craziness and the heartache (literally and figuratively), but one thing is for sure we envisioned life would be better with the other. No matter if it was and is “for better or for worse”.

we sometimes forget about the caretakers and the hand holders.

He’s held my hand to show his affection. He’s held my hand while I brought our three kids into the world. He’s held my hand when I thought I was dying and so did he. He’s held my hand when my heart wouldn’t allow me to breathe, literally. He’s held my hand when I’ve felt like I’ve had no hope. He’s held my hand as he’s prayed for me. He’s held my hand and hair as I vomited while taking horrid heart meds. He’s held my hand through “for better or for worse”. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When a loved one falls sick, we sometimes forget about the caretakers and the hand holders. Today I honor this caretaker and hand holder. He’s an amazing man of God and I pray my boys grow up to be just like him and my daughter marries someone just like him.

He is an example of a man of his word and faith! He’s a testimony from God and he’s mine.

Won’t you honor the caretakers and hand holders in your life?

Marriage isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. But I’m so blessed to have someone by my side that will hold my hand through “for better or for worse.”

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