Anxiety can be suffocating and if you haven’t experienced it, it is so hard to explain. It can be so debilitating and so frustrating! It can even disturb your sleep and everyday life. The simplest task can seem so tiring and hard when you have anxiety. Your mind can play tricks on you and fear creeps in like a beast! Some days it can feel like you are alone and that you are the only one that goes through it. But, that is so far from the truth! You are not alone and it is time we pulled the wool off of our eyes and start talking about it.

You Do Not Have To Overcome Your Anxiety AloneMore Women Than We Know Suffer From Anxiety

More than we know and more than we like to admit suffer from this debilitating and vicious cycle. That is what anxiety is: a vicious cycle of fear based on lies we tell ourselves every single day.

I so get it! I am right there with you!

So many women are suffering in silence right now and it doesn’t have to be that way! We live in a society that is “go-go-go” and now more than ever we need people to lean on and a community that can listen, help, pray and relate. Now more than ever we need a sisterhood that can say, “I get you, you do not have to walk this alone.” Somedays that is all you need, relation and camaraderie.

It is time to start talking and doing in our community and churches! It is time to start the healing and overcoming!

The PurposeFULL Woman Podcast

Last week as I prepared and went through The PurposeFULL Woman Podcast about anxiety I was very apprehensive about it. (I almost canceled it, honestly.) I was apprehensive, because I knew that I do not have my anxiety “under control” everyday. I fall short and stumble some days. And I don’t have it all together. I felt like I would be a fraud if I went on the podcast talking about this issue without fully overcoming it. (Just one of the lies I told myself.)

I don’t have to have it all together though. I don’t have to know all of the answers. I may have to overcome my anxiety every single day, but I am better for it.

I am not perfect, nor do I want to be. If I learned one thing last week it’s this:

I am currently under construction and I always will be. I will never be perfect. But for today I want to use my short comings to help others.

If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone and you do not have to walk alone. Check out the video in The PurposeFULL Woman or above. It may have been a hard podcast for me to do, but it was all for the journey of healing. Won’t you join me in the journey to healing for yourself or the people you love?

Anxiety deadens the spirits of people every single day and one of the main reasons is because we think we are alone in this debilitating way of thinking.

You Do Not Have To Overcome Your Anxiety AloneStill Standing

Two years ago I took this picture. We were visiting our new home and preparing to move in. (This view is actually from my daughter’s room. Not a bad view, eh?) It is amazing to think about and look back to see how far we have come in two short years since this pic was taken: anxiety, depression and even financial struggles.

A storm may have been brewing that day in the physical, but God had another idea. We have gone through so many storms since, but they don’t take us down. They don’t define us or destroy us. We are still standing. Still standing on the solid rock of “crazy faith“. You know the faith that doesn’t make sense to this world, but makes so much sense to Him.

Key word there: we are still standing!

Let me say that again…..

You Do Not Have To Overcome Your Anxiety AloneWe are still standing!

We aren’t perfect, we fail some days, but we are still standing! Still standing on what we know, not always how we feel. Standing in faith. Standing on the rock!

Life gets hard but this picture reminds me that no storm will ever take us out! Not depression, financial struggles or anxiety!

The storms you go through will never take you out! Keep standing on what you know! Keep standing!

Anxiety WILL NOT take you down!

You Do Not Have To Overcome Your Anxiety Alone

You do not have to walk alone! You are not alone! You can overcome. It may be a daily thing of overcoming, but it can be done.

It’s okay to be under construction constantly! It’s called growth!

Check out the video or the audio and share with your loved ones!

{Be sure to check out the second half of this Podcast right HERE!

How I Lost My Crazy Faith And Now I Need It BackKeep Up With That Crazy Faith Of Yours Sista

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