This website is used for informational purposes about health and wellness, encouragement and inspiration. But, on occasions I use it as my “sound board’. Why? Because, I can and I have every right to. My website! So with that being said, you can bow out now if you don’t want to hear it. No hard feelings! We can still be friends!

The “mom shaming” needs to stop! We wonder why so many women are suffering with depression and anxiety. “Mom shaming” is a real thing and it needs to stop. The main subject I get “mom shamed” about is about homeschooling. But, before you start the “mom shaming” on homeschool moms I want you to be informed. I do not think most of you are!

We hear these phrases a lot and they can be very hurtful at times. We all have our insecurities and when it comes to our kids the insecurities come flowing forward in full force somedays. We all as moms feel like we are doing a rotten job sometimes, we all think we are not enough somedays and we all pray for our children’s happiness. That is where we are all similiar. But, here is where we differ. Here is where it gets cray cray. Before you start judging check out these 11 most common comments homeschool moms get.

Yes We Homeschool And I See You Judging

  1. What about socialization? Aren’t you afraid they won’t get enough?

I know most of you do not know my children and I do not show them much on my websites or social media because of personal choices. But, let me just tell you, they are not “lacking” in this department in anyway. Ask anyone who knows them. They socialize at church and have good manners (for the most part). Just like with any child, they can be turds, but they are kids!

2. How do you know what to teach them?

Well, we follow a curriculum or at least my family does. Not all do, but with my personality, I need discipline in this department.

3. That’s all fine and good until you get to chemistry and algebra.

Well, my third grader is already being introduced to pre-algebra and my best friend’s fourth grader is already studying pre-algebra. Not to mention we do chemistry experiments all of the time. So in the words of someone very wise I know, stick that in your juice box and suck it!

4. You look so tired. Don’t you think it would be easier to just put them into school?

Well for starters my kids ARE in school! And secondly, I would be a hot mess even if I put them into “school”. That is just who I am. I accept it, you should too! Believe me, especially in this season of life and with my heart condition I have heard this way too many times. I am tired because I have three kids, I am a wife, I am a business owner, I am a friend and am very active in my church. It’s called life! I am tired from life, not just from watching and schooling my children all day long. Believe me, hot mess comes with knowing Mandi. Deal with it!

5. I couldn’t be with my kids all day, every day!

Homeschool moms, just like you, have moments when we do not want to be around our children! Yes, they get on our nerves, just like yours’ do. We also get on their nerves. It’s called being a family!

6. Why do you want to homeschool?

Let me just start by saying I do not always want to homeschool. I am human and somedays I want to play hooky and forget about our duties. But, God called my family to be a homeschool family. We do believe God had a huge hand in our decision making regarding homeschool. We do it out of duty for God and because we want to more times than not.

7. Do you homeschool because you are afraid they will feed your kids the wrong thing, because of their allergies?

I do not homeschool out of fear! I homeschool, because I want to. I have bad days just like every other mom, but I do enjoy homeschooling and having my kids with me. Yes, one of my children has deathly allergies and yes I do not always trust other’s with her. But, be rest assured, if we made the decision for her to go to traditional school I would be very active at the school too, because of her allergy. Either way, I know God has has her in His hands and He will take care of her no matter where she is. It’s called faith! You know, that crazy faith I talk about all of the time.

Make no mistake I love these cardboard boxes. Some days they drive me crazy just sitting in my living room or kitchen (wherever they land), but then I remember what they stand for. They stand for freedom, love, confidence and determination. You see these boxes are full of each of my kids’ school curriculum, notebooks and writing tools. Not going to lie, homeschooling can be hard, but it is so rewarding! Knowing that my kids are happy and they are getting the education THEY need is all that matters. So to all of the nay-sayers good luck finding a seat in my home. We are making memories, these boxes are always in the way and you will have to move toys to sit down. Even though you would have it differently, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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8. How will they get into college? What about scholarships? How will they get a job?

They will do their schoolwork following the course load required by our public school system. They will take the ACT. They will apply for scholarships. They will apply for jobs. Exactly the same way that your public/private school student will do these things. The difference is that they will learn at their own pace. Moving quickly through some things, and taking their time on things that challenge them. They will have a personalized education and learn these things in the way that works for them. They will learn on their own, one on one with me or a tutor, in virtual classes online, in a classroom setting with a co-op, they will also have the opportunity for dual enrollment in college courses. If something they are learning strikes an interest, they will be able to take the time to dive deeper into it instead of being rushed along to keep up with the class. 
9. Don’t you want to help by bringing home an income too and not just have it fall on your husband? Don’t you miss work?
Let me start by saying, all homeschool moms work. We teach our kids, we clean the house, we cook, we take care of the home and keep the kids alive. We work very hard! Secondly, I run two businesses! Each business has several branches and departments that are run by myself and my team. I have a team that believes in mine and my family’s journey, so it works! So, to answer your question, I work and bring home the bacon! Surprise surprise! Homeschool moms are not just nerds, hippies and freaks, some are also entrepreneurs and dang good ones too, myself included.
10. Does your husband help you?
Yes, he does! I know that all husbands cannot and do not, but mine does. We make many sacrifices so he can be involved. He does not travel out of town or work far from home for this reason alone. He could make a bit more money if he we weren’t a homeschool teaching team by getting overtime or going out of town, but that is the sacrifice we as a family have made. That was our decision. It was very important to both of us for him to be home and be apart of their homeschool life. I am not knocking your husband or your lifestyle at all, this is just what we do! You asked! I am telling!
11. Don’t you hate teaching for 8 hours a day?
Um, I do not teach for 8 hours. We spend our days on curriculum, field trips (if we are feeling frisky), grocery store visits (there is that socialization and math skills) and we also live in the country with a lot of cows and wildlife. We go on nature hunts and learn about the “birds and the bees” from the cows. 🙂 We go out of town quite a bit, since we can take our curriculum with us. We actually have a little more freedom than you may think!

Take Away

Stop the “mom shaming” around homeschooling. Get the facts before you start judging!

Even better, how bout this? Stop the “mom shaming” all together! There is too many moms suffering in silence with depression and anxiety that was brought on by their own thinking. They do not need the help of your “mom shaming”.

So, yes we homeschool, stop judging me! Stop trying to help by finding me a way out or a better way. This is the better way for my family and I. Respect that! I know a lot of you mean well, but it truly hurts homeschool moms when you judge. Don’t we all have enough judging going on as it is. It’s time women helped women, women supported women and women reached out to women. We need mentors, listeners and women who will tell the truth and realness of motherhood. No matter our beliefs or where our children should go to school.

All that matters is what God thinks and for my family and I, that is who will we try everyday to please. So before you judge me know that God chose this life for us and we obeyed His call. It is hard, but isn’t everything?!

I am taking a bow, dropping the mic and stepping off of my soap box! THE END.

Until next time….


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