This past week I got asked a lot about The PurposeFULL Woman Ministry and rightfully so, since it is growing so fast. When I first started this Ministry it was very small, although it is still small, it is growing by the dozens everyday and I could not be more proud of it. Learn why the PurposeFULL Woman is every woman!

The PurposeFULL Woman was birthed, because of a particular season in my life. You see, during this season in my life I felt alone and I felt like no one was there to listen, because my sin was too taboo and no one wanted to talk about it. I wished I had a place where I felt comfortable to go, getaway and vent with no judgement.  And so that is where The PurposeFULL Woman was birthed.

Fast forward quite a few years, I underwent five heart surgeries and that was the year I chose to start this Ministry. I am not really sure why I chose that year of all years, since I was in and out of hospitals and pain. But, you know what? Looking back, I am SO glad I did. Not only has it helped other women, but it has helped me go through hard times and seasons in my own life.

The PurposeFULL Woman is Every Woman

The PurposeFULL Woman

So who is the PurposeFULL Woman? The PurposeFULL Woman is a woman that is full of purpose! Duh! 😉 She is an overcomer, she is a warrior, she is a woman on a mission, she is the modern day woman and doesn’t always know how to overcome the big obstacles in life.

The PurposeFULL Woman wants to be the overcomer she was always meant to be. Because, we are all overcomers. Sometimes we just need a little nudge or encouragement. The PurposeFULL Woman is ready to break the shackles and over come the big obstacles in life with God’s help and guidance.

Why The PurposeFULL Woman is Every Woman

The PurposeFULL Woman Ministry

The PurposeFULL Woman Ministry is a safe place for all women to come together and talk about the real issues in life. Such as, addictions, abuse, relationships, forgiveness, abortions, depression, anxiety, boundaries, money, parenting, How to Find Our Joy Again and so much more! You name it, we are talking about it.

We all have struggles. We all have issues, but sometimes we do not have a safe place to express those real thoughts and issues. The PurposeFULL Woman Ministry is the place where women can come together in a judgement-free zone and express their feelings, thoughts, dreams and past & present sins, all the while letting God lead and speak to us, so we can fully overcome!

The PurposeFull Woman Movement

The PurposeFULL Woman movement is made up of Retreats, Church Events, Women’s Conferences and Workshops, small groups, e-courses, Bible studies, podcasts, Facebook Groups and so much more. This movement is growing and God is doing some amazing things through it. He has allowed us to speak about everyday life for the Modern Day Woman. Nothing has been off limits!

The PurposeFULL Woman Facebook Group

The PurposeFULL Woman Facebook Group is a great way to stay encouraged and in-the-know everyday, as well as meet new women from all over the nation, as well as world! We share everything from inspiration to motivation as well as blog posts, Bible studies, daily devotionals, encouraging challenges, freebies, podcasts and so much more on topics that all of us are struggling with daily. While you are there, please invite your friends. We want to reach more and more women with your help and support!

The PurposeFULL Woman is Every Woman

That is a small rundown of what The PurposeFULL Woman is all about. But, don’t take my word for it, start getting connected by joining The PurposeFULL Woman Facebook Group. I am so grateful for all of you and cannot wait to see what God has in store next. God is amazing and has been on this journey with us and will continue to be with The PurposeFULL Woman. Thank you for your continued support and love. The PurposeFULL Woman could not do this without you!

As always thank you for being here! Everyone here at The PurposeFULL Woman and the Amanda Middleton team truly appreciates you!

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