Why I Am Not Stressing Over Target's Decision As a Christian

So this week I posted on my personal Facebook page something that obviously got people in an uproar. Some sent private messages and even unfriended me; they obviously had their panties in a bunch. Before I go any further and so you can judge for yourself, take a look ….

My thoughts…. Take it, leave it, unfriend me. Doesn’t bother me either way. I get it….. a lot of people are in an uproar about the decision Target made concerning their restrooms and who should use them. But maybe just maybe instead of voicing your nasty opinions on FB, boycotting Target, and signing petitions…….. Maybe we should be showing love and spreading the gospel to others instead of passing judgement on every person that we feel has wronged us and this world. This world isn’t our home people. Show the love of Jesus and for the love of God be nice.
Pee at home people. End of story.
Mic dropped! The end.
Unfriend me if you will.

I got some pretty nasty private messages about this topic. (All of the high fives left comments, but the ones that wanted to bad mouth my opinions and spew hate got squirelly behind a private message. Go figure.) Some messages were from readers of my blogs, some from acquaintances, but mainly from friends and family. Which really appalled me! Not because I know them, but because these are people that call themselves loving Christians.

So since everyone has such strong feelings about this subject here is what I have to say about it:

Excuse the messy hair and no makeup! It was on my heart and mind. Who has time for all of that when God calls you to share your heart? 🙂

I am a Christian and I am proud of my Christianity!

Why I Am Not Stressing Over Target's Decision As a ChristianWhat I am not proud of are the bad choices WE as humans and Christians make. Bad choices such as: passing judgement on others, pointing fingers and forgetting that all of us are sinners.

I am a proud believer in grace, redemption and overcoming! I am a proud believer in the God Almighty that pulled me out of the pits of hell. I am a proud believer in LOVE!

God put us on this earth to LOVE and to be disciples of the Most High. Our soul purpose on this earth is to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. You aren’t winning them by pointing fingers and judging!

Whether I think the decision Target made is right or wrong, that is not the point at this time. My point is love each other as Jesus has loved you and is still loving you. To love someone doesn’t mean you agree with them! I promise that you will always win more people to Christ by loving than by shunning and passing judgement on one another.

And lastly….     Why I Am Not Stressing Over Target's Decision As a ChristianI get the whole issue of pedophiles and rapist in the bathrooms. I get it! But, we can’t live in fear every single day of our lives. We have to live by faith and do the best we can, as we pray through each and every day. And for goodness sake DO NOT leave your kids unattended in the bathroom. Come on, use common sense and (as I say to my children) use the brain God gave you!

This article, my Facebook status or my video was not intended to make you mad in any way. My only prayer and hope by sharing was to help. If you are outraged or feel convicted about any of the above, my suggestion would be to pray through and preserver.

I am open to comments on this topic, but please keep it clean and tasteful! If you don’t want your mama reading it, please don’t post it, cause I just might show her! 🙂  Also, if you want me to pray with you over anything please don’t hold back. Let’s pray, let’s approach the throne together and let His love work through us.

As always I use my platform here and on social media to motivate, inspire and to spread the gospel. My intentions are pure and I love each and every single one of you, even if you don’t agree with me.

Until next time….



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