This post is sponsored by Southern Kitchen and I am thrilled to be working with them, because I really believe in their products and, of course all of their Southern ways. All of the opinions and information here is mine. For more information on my full disclosures you can go, HERE.

Welcome The Holidays With Some Southern StyleBeing from the South is something special! We all know Southerners love to eat and fellowship around food! Am I right, or am I right? That is one thing all of us Southerners have in common, whether we live in the country on a hill side or in the city, we all can remember growing up and having family dinners, church potlucks and holidays full of the aroma of home. And we still do!

At the Thanksgiving Day table my kids asked what made us Southern. By the end of the conversation with 2 five year olds and 1 eight year old, they had decided that if you speak “country” and eat weird food that is what made you Southern through and through. Although probably true there is so much more to it, isn’t there? Did I mention my husband and I were trying desperately to get our children to try some new things and put something other than a bread roll on their plates? Hence, the “weird food” comment. (Insert eye roll.) The struggle is real! I know some of you mamas can relate!

I have teamed up with Southern Kitchen, because I love my heritage and everything about being Southern. I love Southern Kitchen’s products too! They are high quality and get the job done!  They also go along with my Southern farmhouse style. I cannot wait until I can give some of these amazing products away as Christmas gifts. Ssssshhhhhhh! Don’t tell! Southern Kitchen keeps with tradition and has just what you are looking for with a modern flare.Check out my newest addition to my farmhouse kitchen. I knew this cake platter would work perfectly with my red everyday dishes and even for the Holiday season. So two for the price of one, right? It comes in a variety of different styles and each one is a must have. I may collect all of them! I think my mother-in-law’s pumpkin pie fit quite nicely on top of it during Thanksgiving. Don’t you think?

Want one for yourself? Southern Kitchen is including a coupon code WELCOME10 for my readers ($10 off first purchase over $50). Not a bad deal with Christmas approaching so quickly. Get that special gift for your mother-in-law, that is so hard to buy for or that friend that loves to cook. Hey, it just may give her an incentive to cook more for you! Southern Kitchen has the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or decorate by Southern tradition, so go check it out!

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