I am a little late with my weekly PiYo review due to going out-of-town! The laundry is done and I’m ready to fill you in on my past PiYo week!

This past weekend I was a little off with my workouts and sadly my eating habits, as well. I will confess, I was off my routine and just didn’t watch my eating habits, as well as I should have!  But, I must not have done terribly bad, because I lost an extra pound!!!! I was very grateful and surprised at the same time! Yay!

I doubled up on workouts before I left to go out-of-town so I was prepared and where I vacationed I walked a lot so I wasn’t totally off my game! (It wasn’t hard to double up on workouts because the workouts are very short. But, some were exasperating so I still have a workout or two to make up for during my next few weeks on the program.)

One thing I learned this week was nutrition and exercise go hand in hand! I missed my Shakeology shakes big time while I was gone! They help with not only nutrition, but my energy! Like I said before, I was off of my nutrition a bit, so I felt the effects, my energy level was off and my body kinda ached a bit!

I am glad to be home doing my workouts on schedule and to kick my body back into high gear! I’m eager to see my results next week. I skipped taking my measurements this week but, my clothes are feeling A LOT better! Can’t wait to see and feel the ending results! It’s hard to believe I am half way through my 60 days! Time flies, doesn’t it?


P.S. Friday I have a big announcement to make, don’t miss it! I’m super excited about it! Can’t wait to share!

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