Can you believe it’s the start of week 4? I have to say this past week was very challenging, not necessarily because of PiYo, but because of life. Life made it very difficult for me to get enthusiastic about my work-outs and eating right! That’s where my Facebook group came in and helped a lot. All of the coaches and participants helped me and held me accountable. I do have to say, I did fall off of the wagon one day this past week and ate some junk food (I’m too embarrassed to say what it was, so I will just leave it at that.) Honestly, I did not eat the junk food because I was craving it but, because it was there and I was stressed. I’m confessing and telling you I feel off the wagon to tell you this: it made me feel terrible and sluggish for the rest of the day! It was not fun! Even though I knew clean eating was good for me, I felt first hand the effects when I splurge, even for just a moment. I paid for it for the rest of the day! The work-outs are still great and I am still loving them. They have become more intense but, I have realized I am getting stronger and they do not seem so terribly hard, challenging still, but not hard! The work-outs are still very short, at the most 40 minutes long, so it is not hard to map out time in your day to do the work-outs! Overall, still feeling great and looking forward to the ending results!

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Next week I will be a little late delivering my weekly PiYo check in. I will be out-of-town, so I will be delivering it on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Chris will be with the kids as I jet set off and leave him and the kids here. What a man! Pray for his sanity! This is usually a two-man job at this house. Three kids under the age of five can really work a nerve or two, pray for him! I don’t leave until Friday, pray he doesn’t reconsider! 😉


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