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I wasn’t going to share again so soon but, I felt I needed to at this time. I have read and know of friends of friends who are going through similar situations so I felt it was only right to share. My prayers go out to many families that have lost this battle or are praying for their little ones the way Chris and I did.

As you all know, I have three beautiful children including a set of twins. All three of my children are absolute miracles. 7% chance of ever having kids, yes, I would say they are miracles!

When we were told we were having twins I have to admit the shock was very heavy. Not only did we have a 7% chance of having kids but, I was panicking and thinking, “really, God?” We were about to go from a family of three to a family of five, Chris and I were slightly panicking in that doctor’s office that day!

That was the first time I had ever seen my husband speechless. He usually has something witty or funny to say but, that day he was very quite. Except for the occasional panic statements. For example: “we need a bigger car!”, “we need a bigger house!” He would just blurt these statements ever so often only to hear the come back from me, “I don’t know!”

Honestly, I had my own worries as I was in that doctor’s office that day. How can I carry twins? Oh my goodness, these babies have to come out somehow. Can I carry them to term? Will they both be ok?

Don’t get me wrong, Chris was having the same thoughts he was just handling it in a different way. Not to mention as we are texting people in the waiting room the ultrasound pictures we had just received. My mother couldn’t get out of Walmart fast enough without screaming and jumping for joy. One of my friends replied with a, “you are S$&?ing me?.” Everyone was in awe of what God was doing! Chris and I only had a 7% chance of having kids so everyone was in just as much shock as we were!

As time went on and we realized both babies were growing and moving right on along as they should we started getting prepared for our two sweet boys. The initial shock had worn off and we were so excited. We had a two-year old that couldn’t wait to meet her baby brothers and we couldn’t either. Things were going great! Every doctor’s appointment went great and everyone around us was praying for me and my boys.

Then one day, I was 22 weeks along and I started having contractions. After going to the doctor’s office in panic mode we came home only to have found out that I was on bed rest and that my babies were in danger if I couldn’t keep them in the incubator longer!

If any of you have ever been on bed rest, you know it is not fun. But, I knew it had to be done to literally save my babies. We were trying to keep them out of the NICU and from having any kind of complications. My daughter was two at the time so family and friends rallied together and came to our side. They came and sat with us while taking care of my little one. They came and rescued her and took her on field trips and some just came and sat with me while I laid on my side all day per doctors orders. Not to mention Chris was doing double duty and silently worrying about me and our little boys.

Those weeks on bed rest were very scary. There were lots of trips to the hospital and lots of visits to the doctor’s office but, all the while I had people praying specifically for God to help me keep my babies in their habitat until full term. It was crucial. My babies needed to survive and they needed to survive without help from machines.

My faith really kicked into high gear while carrying my boys and honestly I had no doubts that God would come through for me and my little ones. I had a peace that I couldn’t explain at all. I just knew He would take care of us. I have only had that peace one other time in my life and it was when I meet Chris. I knew he was the one for me and I had no doubts. This time I had no doubts either. Even though the odds were against us. Don’t get me wrong, I had my bad days but deep down inside I knew God would take care of us.

Boy did He ever!!!! My boys were born at 37.5 weeks, weighing a wapping 5.10 lbs and 6.10 lbs. They were fully healthy!!! They came home when I was released from the hospital and I had absolutely no complications delivering them.

God is so good! I love telling this story because, He came through for us and my boys. My husband and I are truly blessed and we know it! All three of our children are blessings from God for which we prayed for and we received. We not only prayed but, we believed. We believed God would come through. Even through my bad days of doubting and worrying, He always seems to come through when we need Him the most. My boys are a walking testimony of their parents’ faith and love!

I get very emotional when thinking about this story and it reminds me everyday of God’s love. I am so glad I have it written or typed out now. I can pull this story out when I am doubting and remember He always comes through! And , He will for you too!


As you know, this Testimony Tuesday series has gone farther than I have ever imagined it going. God is definitely working in this series and I can’t wait to see how much farther He takes it. If you are interested in telling your testimony please email me at [email protected] You don’t have to be a writer or blogger, just a person with a story. We all have them! I would be honored to have you! Feel free to look back at other stories that have been told and to sign up for future stories. Join me here next week for another inspiring story! Until then you have to read about my ramblings!

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