Two Friends From Two Different Worlds is a story of friendship, love, Jesus and so much more.

They hadn’t known each other long, but long enough to know that God had brought the other into the their life for a reason. You see, they didn’t have the same views on everything. They didn’t parent the same. They didn’t grow up the same. They didn’t have the same ethnic background. They weren’t from the same country. They didn’t even have the same religion, one a Jesus follower and one an atheist. 

But, what they did and still have is respect and a habit of listening. Listening to each other and hearing the other out, always. They listen so they can help and get to know the other and their background even more. They listen to learn. They listen to grow as a human being and to be better than they were yesterday. They listen to avoid ignorance. They listen so they can relate and shine the light of Jesus. 

Two Friends From Two Different Worlds

Two Friends From Two Different Worlds

They live in a controversial and toxic world. We all do! Everyone has an opinion. Well everyone has a rear end too, but we don’t always want to hear from it…. if you know what I mean. In the world we live in today, communication is a lost art. No one listens to understand what the other is going through.

Instead everyone is listening to reply, argue and or rebuttal. That is not listening, that is assuming.

Love One Another

God says to love one another. He didn’t say to only love another that thinks the same way as you.

These two friends knew it was time to set aside their differences and to really listen to each other so they could truly know the souls of their fellow man. Isn’t that what it’s all about, loving like Jesus? An unconditional love….

Torches are not meant to parade hate, they are meant to shine the light. They knew it was time to put away the torches and to start listening, loving, uniting and shining!

Two Friends From Two Different Worlds

Where They Are Now

Where are these two friends now? They are both still as different as night and day and are three years into their friendship. They talk weekly about parenting, kids, marriage, politics, religion and even controversial topics that are going on in the world today, which is sometimes hard, because they do not see eye-to-eye. But that is okay, because the light of Jesus is shining through, whether one of them realizes it or not. Sssshhhhhh, don’t tell! 

What happens next? They will continue to love and watch what God will do, not only in their relationship, but also in both of their personal lives. 

Don’t miss out on an amazing gift of love and relationships, like these two friends, by not listening to your fellow man. God creates friendships in many shapes and sizes from all walks of life.  All you need to do is listen and let God guide you, so you can continue to learn and find joy in these relationships.