{shared this in my FB group but wanted to share here too in hopes to give someone a little extra hug and love this week ❤️}

A Story of Hope:

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and it brings up la lot of emotions for me. First and foremost I feel blessed and loved by my children and husband. But it also brings the emotions of heartache and sorrow for many reasons that I won’t go totally into today. (As it does for so many others too.) It is a holiday that isn’t always welcomed by me, but one thing is for sure it makes me thankful.

Thankful for my children. Thankful for my own mom. Thankful for the love, but most of all thankful in knowing that there is something so much bigger than me.

You see when this picture was taken Chris and I were visiting Israel. We had just been at the ruins of Capernaum. Capernaum was near the hometown of a few of the apostles, but mostly remembered as being a place of healing. Jesus came to this town and healed a few of the broken.

In that same spot a group of us prayed for Chris and I’s future children. We prayed for our own healing. We had been yearning and praying for so long. We both thought at this point it was pointless. We thought we would never see a baby in our future. But that day something shifted. The prayers changed, the believing changed and the desire was even stronger.

I would like to say that we immediately became pregnant and we lived happily ever after, but nope there was more to it than that. Several months went by after we came home from Israel and we were told by doctors we only had a seven percent chance of ever having kids of our own. We were crushed. Those prayers in Capernaum became a distant memory. But, yep there’s a “BUT”….

The day after we found out we only had a seven percent chance of having kids we also found out we were pregnant with our first baby. How’s that for God showing up? 🙂

You see we may have only had a seven percent chance of having kids, but God made a way. He honored the small prayers every single day. He honored the crying and yearning prayers. He honored the big prayers at Capernaum. He honored them all.

 The Yearning of a Young Woman And Future MamaI say all of this to say…….

Don’t give up ladies. Don’t loose hope. The odds were against us, but they were beaten. We now have seen our prayers come to pass. We have three beautiful kids including a set of twins.

God gave me hope when He delivered my kids to me. He showed me once again that there is something so much bigger than me and when I look at my kids I am reminded of that.

Reminded of the prayer and perseverance that got us here and without it…… where would we be?

So as I look at this pic every single day in my office I am reminded of our journey. Reminded that there is hope. Reminded with Nazareth behind us (the place where Jesus started His journey) that God isn’t finished with us yet. Our journey is still going strong.

What’s Next

Don’t lose hope. No matter where you are in your journey. There is hope. There will always be hope!

Keep moving. Keep praying. Keep believing.

Your journey already has a path and that path is in favor of you.

Believe. Pray. Have faith. Keep the hope alive.

Your story may not end up the way my has, but that is what makes it your story, your testimony, your journey and your fight! You will overcome! You will preserver! I don’t know when or how. But, what I do know is with God by your side, you’ve got this! You ARE an overcomer! 

Happy early Mother’s Day to all women, you deserve it!

Until next time…..



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