The PurposeFULL Woman Self-Study E-Course

The PurposeFULL Self-Study E-Course

The PurposeFULL Self-Study E-Course

It’s finally here! 

The PurposeFULL Self-Study E-Course is here. This course has been in the works for many years. While going through a very hard year of five heart surgeries I taught and wrote this course while I was in and out of hospitals. It was a labor of love. I set the course to the side so I could heal my heart and mind. But now it is time to release it to all of you!
But, before I update this course with new videos I wanted you to go through the course and give me your feedback. This is the only time this course will be at this low price. Once I update with new videos the price will go up.
The PurposeFULL Woman Self-Study E-Course is full of biblical teachings, scriptures and thought provoking tools about taboo subjects and so much more that will help you through everyday life as a woman and daughter of God.Thank you so much for allowing me to pour into you!
The PurposeFULL Self-Study E-Course

When you order The PurposeFULL Woman Self-Study E-Course you’ll be taken to a portal full of every video, thought and teaching tool. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery from

You can view the course from your computer or directly on your mobile device. There’s no right or wrong way, just follow along daily or whenever or however you can! After you purchase we will send you the link to the Facebook group as the date approaches.
The beauty of buying now is that you can buy at this low price and you will have life-time access even after it is updated with new videos and training tools. This E-Course is raw and real, it has mistakes, spelling errors, etc. I wanted to leave it in the raw for now, because I wanted you to know that not everything has to be perfect to be effective. The year I wrote this, I was in a rough place. That rough place made my relationship with God grow stronger and stronger. It also made me understand Him more and I pray you can learn more about Him too through this E-Course.

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