Twin Poop 2

Mammas show me some love please…..

As you know, I have twin boys. They are as different as night and day, one has dark hair and one has blonde hair. Their personalities differ as much, one is very quiet and the other, very loud! They are totally different, but one way they are alike is the messes they make! Oh my goodness…the messes! I have walked into their room with toy cars all over the floor and Cheerios smashed into the rug.

Or how about the day I decided to go put on my makeup, five minutes max, and they decided to throw their breakfast on each other. Of all things, blueberries! Yes, I know, how dare I put on makeup! I heard the commotion but, I was desperate, I needed some makeup for the bags under my eyes from their bad sleeping habits.

Oh and did I tell you that my daughter is usually in the middle of all of it? Enjoying the sibling love and torment of their mother.

But nothing beats (my personal favorite) the day they smeared poop all over the walls! Yes, you read right, poop! The boys were having fun but mama surely was not!

This is how it went down:
It was one of those mornings that I was overly tired. I could hear two little boys (then two years old) jumping and laughing in their beds. They were laughing and having fun so I sipped more coffee and took my time. I mean really, why should I be in a hurry? Everyone is happy, right?

Well…… when I finally finished sipping my cup of coffee, proud that I got to enjoy a fine cup of coffee while all three kids were happy (that’s an accomplishment around here, I’m sure you can relate) I went into their room and the smell hit me. It was still rather dark in their room so I didn’t see it at first. Something told me NOT to walk any further before I turned on a light. (SO happy I made that decision!) When I turned on the light that’s when I saw it.

It was everywhere!

Poop in their beds, on the walls, on the canvas paintings over their beds, in the slats of the bed, in the carpet, you name it, it was there. Right around that time my daughter, my then four-year old, comes around the corner and never skips a beat and keeps walking passed the door as she gags and starts screaming, “Mom is that poop?” “Yes, it’s poop” as I fight back tears.

I wanted to cry, because I knew I had to clean this mess up and it wasn’t pretty! I didn’t even know where to start! I mean where you do start on a mess like this? Seriously?

I decided to clean the boys since, they were covered from head to toe. Obviously they thought it would be fun to throw it back and forth to each other. I mean, that’s what you are supposed to do with poop, right?!

As I’m cleaning the boys my husband calls and my daughter puts him on speaker phone as all of us are panicking. I really thought I would get sympathy from him but instead he laughs and says,”take a picture, I have to see this.” Really, dude?! Not what I was expecting at all!  I was expecting a lot of sympathy and a little pep talk to say the least. (He will never be able to live that one down.) I guess he felt bad because he did send my in-laws right over so I could clean up the mess!

Twin BoysThe moral of the story is this:

Kids come with messes and messes are not the end of the world. In that moment and time I wanted to cry. I was (and still am some days) an over-worked and underpaid mom. I don’t get a lot of sleep. I have bags under my eyes. I worry about my three little rug rats. My voice cracks some days because I have been yelling at my kids all day long.

I am human.

I am a mom.

A mom who loves her kids and cares enough to take the messes and all. A mom who doesn’t always feel appreciated but, knows that my kids do appreciate me when they hug and kiss me at the end of the day with no coaxing of anyone.

So when the days get long and the messes become many, I remember God chose me to be their mom. He chose me, faults and all. He chose me so, I can look back on these days and reminisce the funny times, like this one. Or maybe bring up on their first date. I am still a little ill about this one, it may happen. They shouldn’t test me! 🙂

I still part everyday for strengthen and most of all to be the best mom I can be. I pray He equips me with the right tools to be the best me I can be. And at the end of the day, I am thankful! Thankful for my family and the messes that come along with them!

Who can relate? I would love to hear your “poopy” details!

Have kids “they” said! It will be fun “they” said!

Who’s “they” anyway?! Please tell me so I can have a word or two with them……. Only kidding!!!!

Until next time….



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