Yes, you read the title right, The Day I Called My Kids Turds & Went to Church Anyway. But, before I get into that listen up for a minute.

I always seem to get into conversations that seem to bless me beyond measure. The conversations seem to bless me more than the other person in the conversation, by far. More because my friends and family are more amazing than me and I am a blessed woman for it.

One Sunday morning, I was talking to a friend through text messaging, cause you know how hard it can be for us mammas to actually pick up the phone for a “real” conversation. My friends and I are awesome at robo-texting cause motherhood has made us sound like someone with terets when we talk on the phone.

Anyway…. back to my story.

My friend and I actually had a meaningful and awesome convo. Yes I know we are talented.
We were talking about how God has blessed us but, not by the blessings you are thinking. Family. Church. Health. I mean those things are awesome, but blessings like God coming full circle in our lives multiple times when we haven’t deserve it. I felt awesome after this convo.
We encouraged each other. I even shed a few tears. It was awesome!

The Day I Called My Kids Turds & Went to Church AnywayThen It Happened

After I finally got ready for church it was time to get the kids ready for church too…. Cue the music…. dun dun dunnnnnnn. Lawd please help the mama that gets kids under the age of seven ready for church. When my husband was already at church, I had no other option but to tackle these monkeys by my lonesome.

I prayed then I prayed again, Lawd please help me…….

I even called them “turds” as one child slapped another child. I don’t know about you, but when I am done wrestling three little people into getting dressed I really DO need church afterwards. I need it for a time of repentece and prayer to say the least. My temper gets the best of me and my patience wear very, very thin.

The Moral Of This Story

There are awesome moments…..  then there are not so awesome moments. But thank God for the awesome moments, right?! It makes the not-so-awesome moments a little more bareable. If I would not have had that text conversation with my friend that morning I might had sweated the wrestling match I had with my kids that followed. I might had beaten myself up a little more about calling them “turds”.

In the long run, it wasn’t a bad morning it was a bad moment, one little bad moment in the mist of all kinds of great moments and great blessings.

I Called My Kids Turds & Went to Church AnywayAfter I apologized for the name calling (see above) we went to church and with a light heart and cheerfulness! That one little small text conversation with a friend reminded me of all of my wonderful blessings. Some days as moms we get so wrapped up in what is going on around us we forget to reflect and enjoy the blessings. We get stuck in auto-pilot and don’t really see what all God does around us. It took a small text conversation with a friend to be a reminder. Don’t take for granted the moments you spend with your friends and family, even if it is a small text conversation. It might be God reminding you to slow down and not sweat the small stuff in life.

Even though I strive to be the best mom ever, we are real and I call my kids “turds” sometimes. This is real life people. Be real. We are human. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Life is too short!

Until next time….



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The Day I Called My Kids Turds & Went to Church Anyway

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