The #1 Tool That Keeps My Family Organized

The Challenge for Me! 

There are some days my Google Calendar and tasks line up…..

And, then there are the dreaded days that everything on my calendar and tasks NEVER get done!

Some days go smoothly and according to plan and then there are days that…. Well, ya know, NOTHING gets done!

As moms, we tend to get wrapped up in everyday life and get frazzled when things don’t go according to plan.

I don’t know if you are like me, but, (I kinda have a feeling you are, because we are tight like that) if I do not have a plan I get very antsy and irritated, easily. I need a plan, it’s my nature! I have a plan for everything! Tomorrow has a plan already. I have a five-year and even ten-year plan. I have a plan for my blog, my business, my children and even my husband (ssshhhh don’t tell him, my planning kinda drives him crazy sometimes).

When we are going on a drive the next day and we will be gone all day I ask Chris, “What’s the plan?”  Which is always followed by Chris saying, “What plan? Why do we need a plan?”

As if we have never meet……. Dude I need a plan!

Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad 5 minutes that you milked all day?

So when things do not go according to plan, well let’s just say, I lose it some days! I go into panic-mode and get mad! I call it a bad day and pout a bit. Once the pouting is over, I vow to not have a bad day again tomorrow! But, why do I have to call it a bad day at all? Maybe it was a bad five minutes. Those five minutes should not define the way my whole entire day goes.

I have a choice to:

A: Be defeated by the bad 5 minutes….


B. Get up from my pity party and keep going with a smile, so I can be the mother God called me to be.

I choose B.

For so many years I chose A and it got me nowhere! I was angry all of the time and unhappy. And the worst part was, I had no idea what I was angry about. So, mammas I challenge you to not sweat the small stuff. Roll with the punches. Don’t be defeated and don’t let the calendar send you into convulsions when nothing that day goes according to plan. Enjoy your children! Enjoy life! God wants you to have joy! So what if the dishes don’t get done or the bathroom looks like germs are creating a nest in there? So what?! It will get done but, for today ENJOY! Enjoy your family, enjoy your children and enjoy your life! You deserve it, your kids deserve it and your spouse deserves it too!

The #1 Tool That Keeps My Family Organized

It’s great to have a plan! It’s great to know what to expect! But, don’t let it rule you! If things don’t go according to plan, don’t toss the day to the waste side as a bad day. If things don’t go according to plan, instead, embrace it, choke it up as a challenging five minutes and keep going with the joy God created you to have. Use that five minutes as life lessons and keep going!

Google Calendar is a great tool for you to keep up with your schedule, your kids’ and your spouse’s schedule! You can even share it to your smart phone or your spouse’s smart phone, so you both can make changes and see what is coming up in the week. Great tool to use when you have a busy family! Also, visit my Etsy Shop for a customizable planner that will help you fulfill God’s purpose for you today!

Happy Motivational Monday!

Until next time…



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