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Few days back, I came across Amanda’s story. It was so heart warming, and to some extent it felt like I was reading my story in there. I posted a comment on her article and after exchanging a few messages, here I am today sharing my story with you all.

After 5 years of marriage, we were ready to start a family. Days, weeks and months passed, still there was no sign of a baby. So we decided to see a specialist. It turned out, I was a difficult case. With stage 2 Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, conceiving naturally was becoming hard. So we started with all the possible medications and injections. Still nothing happened. With every failed month and hundreds of dollars spent on consultations and treatments, I grew more and more worried, sad, anxious, angry and to some extent embarrassed. I started to hate myself and my body for not doing what it was meant to do. The worst part was taking the home pregnancy test. Every negative test felt like a slap in the face.

After the second laparoscopic surgery, we had decided it would be our last try. If things didn’t turn around, we would accept the fact that being a childless couple was our fate. I was emotionally exhausted. I had never felt so lonely and defeated in my life. I was ready to give up the fight that had gone on for almost two years. The month after the laparoscopic we were scheduled for an IUI, but again were faced with a new set back. On our way back home from the Dr’s office, I remember telling my husband that I can’t take this anymore. I am done with all these medications, treatments and was emotionally exhausted. We both were now ready to live a new child-free life.

But, God had his own plans. In that same month, just two weeks after we had this conversation, I was late almost a week. With all the previous set backs, I was scared to take a home pregnancy test. Eventually I gathered some courage and got up at 5am and took the test. It said “Pregnant”. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I remember my Reproductive Endocrinologist calling me personally, and telling me its a “Miracle Baby”. Against all the odds, she was there inside me. With every month passed, my little dream was becoming a reality. I enjoyed and cherished each and every moment of my pregnancy, and after 9 months she was there in my arms- a healthy beautiful girl.

This struggle to meet my daughter made me realize that it’s true- “God has his own timing”. We just need to be patient. I was broken into pieces, while going through this experience, but today I have turned into a new human being- full of gratitude for the life I have and a more patient being. Each and every day I thank God for this little blessed marvel in my life and a wonderful husband who stood with me throughout that tough time.

So, for all you who are hoping for a “Miracle,”trust me it will happen. We just need to be patient and wait for the right time.
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I am so honored to have Deepika here and all of the women who have shared! This Testimony Tuesday series has gone farther than I have ever imagined it going. God is definitely working in this series and I can’t wait to see how much farther He takes it. If you are interested in telling your testimony please email me at [email protected] You don’t have to be a writer or blogger, just a person with a story. We all have them! I would be honored to have you! Feel free to look back at other stories that have been told and to sign up for future stories. Join me here next week for another inspiring story! Until then you have to read about my ramblings!


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