God Heals

Hey everyone! Today is Tuesday and you know what that means, Testimony Tuesday! However, for the month of December we will take a break from Testimony Tuesday and come back to it January 2015. I have been so honored to have all of you share with all of us on this blog series. I would love to keep this series going so, I will need your help. If you or anyone you know has a story and testimony to share please share this post with them. I truly believe testimonies are a gift. The storm is always rough when going through the wind and rain but, when it is calm after the storm so many can learn from your trials and struggles.

As you know, the Testimony Tuesday series has gone farther than I had ever imagined it going. God is definitely working in this series and I can’t wait to see how much farther He takes it. If you are interested in telling your testimony please email me at [email protected] You don’t have to be a writer or blogger, just a person with a story. We all have them! You don’t have to tell your whole story just what you are comfortable with telling. Seek God and He will lead you. I would be honored to have you!

If you want to stay silent and continue to read the testimonies that are posted on this blog series that is okay too. Not everyone is called to tell their story publicly. (Not everyone has big mouths, I should say!) He may call you to tell your testimony to one person, not to the whole world-wide web. 😉

My inbox has been steady with comments on this blog series. I have heard many stories of how each testimony has touched someone in some way. They are definitely testimonies in themselves! God definitely has a plan for this blog series and I am so happy to see it play out in front of us.


Feel free to look back at other stories that have been told and to sign up for future stories. Join me here January 2015 for another inspiring story! Until then I will see you back here tomorrow about faith, family and fitness!


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