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I listen to a lot of Podcasts. If you haven’t dabbled into the world of Podcasts, it is a great way of getting daily inspiration and Bible messages. I listen while I fold laundry, or while putting on makeup and such. I always make sure the Podcasts I listen to are short and sweet, thirty minutes long or under. But sometimes these thirty minute Podcasts turn into two hours long, because of the stop and go due to the needs of my three children. 😉

I can contribute a lot of my success as a wife, mother and entrepreneur by pumping my brain full of inspiration, including Podcasts, my daily Bible reading and this awesome investment. Positivity does the mind wonders. To be able to accomplish your dreams you have to pump your mind FULL of positivity! What better way to get the positivity you need than listen to entrepreneurs or mentors that are filled with God’s word on Podcasts, read their blogs, or reading your BIBLE?

Here are a few podcasts I love:
I listen to these podcasts at least once a week. All are apart of my weekly routine and help me stay focused on the positive. You can’t keep a positive attitude if you don’t feed your mind full of positive thoughts. If you are around negative all day everyday, you can’t move forward at all. No matter your circumstances at home or at work, you are responsible for your own happiness. Did YOU HEAR me? YOU, are responsible for YOUR HAPPINESS!  So decide right now that you are going to feed your brain with positive and let the negative fall to the side.
If these podcasts are not your cup of tea, no worries! Find some that are!
The other day I listened to two messages that I cannot let go of, they have resonated with me over and over again in my head. I shared them with a few of my clients and friends but, wanted to share them here too since they had such a profound impact on me. I know it will be a blessing to you too.
I challenge you to watch on YouTube HERE and HERE.
Both are awesome and will really get your wheels turning!
So I dare to ask….
What are your dreams? What is God calling you to do? Need someone to help motivate you? Need someone who believes in you so you can reach your dreams?
I mentor women everyday that want to fulfill their dreams that just don’t know where to begin or how to get there. They are smart cookies but, feel overwhelmed by the daunting task. Just a short time ago I was where you are right now. I was desperate to fulfill the calling God had on me but, I was so overwhelmed by the long list of things that had to be done and the daunting task of where to begin!
Have no idea what God is calling you to do? We can find out together! I can help you reach them with the proper tools and back it up with support and scripture.

This is PERFECT for you if you want to start working from home and find BALANCE while doing it.

This is PERFECT for you if you want to build a life that’s more fulfilling and in alignment with your true-self (instead of what you’ve been settling for).

This is PERFECT for you if you want to SIMPLIFY (aaaaah, yes) and become super CLEAR about the next chapter of your life and/or business.

This is PERFECT for you if you’re stuck in a rut and want to break through to the next level.

This is PERFECT for you if you want to learn how I started my online businesses with VERY little money by using the gifts and talents God gave me.

This is perfect for you if you want to take your business to the next level.

Thousands of verified students have used what I’ll teach you to step into their true purpose and power and many have found true happiness again. You’ll be working with me PERSONALLY, so you can expect results.

This is my INVITATION and CALL to you to be mentored by me PERSONALLY.

To take a stand for your life, your family and your womanhood.

This will be a lot of FUN.

It will also take commitment.

If you’re not afraid of that…

This will be your biggest season of growth.

If you want more info, here’s what to do next:

Step 1) Go to my Facebook Like Page.

Step 2) Click my profile pic and send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE telling me you want more info.

I would love for you to reach out to me so we can chat. You deserve this!
Until next time….
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