The Pursuit of Happiness is real. I mean, there was even a movie made about it. Everyone is looking for happiness in all different ways. But, this generation and the youth are looking for it in all of the wrong places and ways.

We are in a generation where we look to other things or other people to make us happy. Let me explain….

It’s Time For The Church To Step It Up

This generation has walked away from the church and is pursuing other forms of happiness that only God can fulfill. Quite honestly, I do not blame this generation for turning from the church. Yep, I said it! I was actually one of them. I felt I would be judged or ridiculed, because of my sins. In some ways that was my own stinkin’ thinkin’, but in another sense not so much. It was the judgmental part of the church that no one wants to talk about now. Some want to sweep it under the rug and act as if it never happened (or maybe they are actually still in denial) or maybe they are still stuck in their judgmental ways, leaving the feel that a BIG fat elephant is in the room.

It’s time for us, as the church, to step up and start talking about the real issues in life. You know the ones: Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and (dare I say it) Abortion. People need to talk about these things, not just talk about them, but feel as if they are not less-than because of the sins and baggage they have. But, for so long they have felt shunned! In return they didn’t come to the church, because they felt sick and they felt they would be ridiculed. Which leaves them isolated, depressed and with low self-esteem. So they started looking for happiness in other places.

By the way, incase you didn’t know, the church is for the sick. We are all seeking healing in some way. We all want to overcome something or an obstacle in our life. We all want to heal! It is us as a society that rates each other’s sins, not God.

This generation is turning against God and against the church and quite frankly, as I said before, I do not blame them. Hear me out before you get your panties in a bunch. For so long no one that had sinned could come to church without being judged. Guess what? We are all sinners, so if that was the case all of us need to stay home. We as a society have started rating these sins and shunned the people that have done, ya know, the BIG ones. The big sins that could never be forgivable to the world. Key words: the world. All sins are forgivable to God if you just ask. The only one who can judge you and I is God himself.

Consider Their Feelings

The church is now turning things around and welcoming all sinners into their congregations, but some are forgetting morals and what God truly says in the Bible. They start bending Bible Verses into what they think they should say and not what they really do say. (That is a whole different post and I will leave that one alone for now. Stay on task, Mandi. If you have been reading here for long you know that I go on “rabbit trails” quite a bit!)

But anyway, the church is starting to turn things around. They are more welcoming to all sinners, but the church has a ways to go. Why? Because people are still hurt, angry and aggravated at how the church, as a whole, has been in the past.

A) It didn’t make them “feel” good.

B) The people in it weren’t nice.

C) And they felt like they were being punished when they went into church; AKA: a place off worship.

So here is what I have to say to all three of those things and to consider the brokens’ feelings:

  1. Church is not there to make you always feel good. If you are convicted, good! That is God speaking to you. He ever so gently reminds us through prayer, sermons and like-minded people everyday of your calling and what will make you “happy”.
  2. So what, if the people weren’t nice. I go to church with quite a few people who aren’t considered “nice”, but I do not go for them. I go for me. I go to get fed by God and God only.
  3. But this one right here gets to me: they feel like they were being punished. They felt punished because they felt judged. That is a HUGE church problem people!

The Church Is Starting To Make Changes For The Good

Now that we are trying to fix this, some of this generation is no longer interested. They are interested in the pursuit of happiness. They want to be happy and they are searching in every knick and cranny the enemy opens. They are searching for it in crystals, horoscopes, the moon, the universe, tarot cards, meditating, other people and other forms of religion. But, there is hope! We have to be open to reaching them in other forms and fashions. God has given us the tools, social media and blogs being a couple of them. (Of course, while using your discernment.) We now have to reach them totally different than before. We don’t have to deceive or trick someone into going to church with us! All we have to do is to be genuine and love. It is that simple…..LOVE! Love like Jesus did when He walked on this earth and still does. LOVE!

Some of you may be reading and thinking: No, the world isn’t turning to other ways for happiness. But I am here to differ. Get off of your pews, go out into the world and speak to people. I have the privilege of talking to many women every week from all walks of life and religions. They and others are searching for something bigger than them. Something that will fulfill there happiness. Something that will give them that good feeling everyday.

Don’t Get Sucked In

Believe me, it is easy to get sucked into these things. The enemy is waiting on you to let your guard down and let these things in. Things may look shiny and pretty on the outside, but once you get involved you realize the enemy made a trap. I have been through this and even recently. I let my guard down and let go of my boundaries and I have paid for it.

But, that is not the end. God always wins. I am a child of God and God is taking care of me and my “mistake”. I would like to think it was more of a learning experience instead of a mistake. He knows my heart and I fell for the trap.

As you know I am into holistic living and it is very easy to let these things into your life through holistic living. I have to guard my heart and remember who my one and only is. When something comes between God and I or I see that it could, I let go of it and let God in.

Stop The Pursuit Of Happiness And Start The Pursuit For God: I Am Talking To You ChurchStop The Pursuit Of Happiness And Start The Pursuit For God

I cannot say that becoming a Jesus follower is always fun. There are battles faught everyday in the name of the Lord that I would rather fight with Him than without Him. So the question is: What if we weren’t in pursuit of happiness, but in pursuit of HIm? The pursuit of the Almighty. The pursuit of Yahweh. The pursuit of agape love. The pursuit of everlasting love.

I don’t know about you, but when I start pursuing Him the contentment comes, the happiness comes, the understanding comes, the non-judging ways come and the slow to speak and quick to love comes. God said there will be trials in this life, but we are emotional beings, so when the unhappiness comes stop looking for it in other places and things, but start pursuing His love and the happiness will come forth.

If you become unhappy, own it, accept it, but do not sit in it. You cannot stay in that place and sulk. You have to come out of the dark, into the light and Pursue Him. Pursue His love for you! He thinks you are perfect!

If you are seeking happiness, before you start looking in other places, look up. He’s there waiting, you just need to reach out. He’s waiting!


If you are apart of the church, my plea to you is, love. Love unconditionally! Love like Jesus! Love!

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