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I am so excited to say that my 21 Day Fix is complete and it was awesome!

I absolutely love this workout! Not only was it super fun, it also showed some AMAZING results! All in all in 21 days, I lost 2 pounds and 4 inches! My clothes are fitting better and I’m holding my chin a little higher. My muscles are getting more tone and I am filling more like myself, muscles and all. So with my new guns I am feeling a lot more confident and ready for anything. Since I have gotten such amazing results with this program I have decided to stick with the 21 day fix and turn it into the “28 day fix” (or at least until my new program comes in the mail).

I have now been eating well and exercising for a full 81 days and it is definitely paying off and the best thing about it is that I feel absolutely amazing! I am not as tired as I used to be, I have more energy throughout the day and I am more confident! Can’t beat that!

I know my results and energy have also come with my consumption on Shakeology. If you have not tried Shakeology you need to! This stuff is amazing! I know what you are thinking: she sales this stuff, so she has to say that. But, no really I don’t. Those of you who know me, know I will try a good shake or vitamin or herb to stay healthy and well. None of them have held up to this shake! It tastes good, it’s not gritty, and after a few days of consumption you start feeling results! My kids drink it and Chris has even gotten on board with it. Who knew?!

I hope these posts inspire you to take care of yourself. What I love about these Beachbody workouts is that they are short, sweet and to the point! All of the 21 Day Fix workouts are only thirty minutes long. We all have thirty minutes to spare! Just thirty minutes! Long gone are the days of going to the gym and doing workouts that are long, boring and insufficient. These workouts work in only 30 minutes.

Us as moms put ourselves last, usually because we are always taking care of others. But, we need to take care of ourselves, we need to be around to see our grandkids! So start today! Start eating right and exercising. Challenge yourself to take the next step in your health!

As you know I have taken on a new adventure with my health, not only am I using these products but I am providing avenues for others to do the same. I am very passionate about fitness, nutrition and health and I always have been. I love helping people reach their fitness goals. This new role in my life holds me accountable for my actions too because, lord knows I struggle just like anyone else! So take the next step with me. Please join me in my new challenge group starting December 1 for the 21 Day Fix! It’s just 21 days and you can do it in the privacy of your own home! It’s right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can indulge over your favorite piece of pie on Christmas Day with a new boost of confidence! Let me know if you are interested and would like to join, I would love to have you!

Thank you for holding me accountable, until next time!


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