Motherhood is hard….

There I said it. Motherhood sucks some days….

Yeah and I said that too. #TruthBomb I know!

Mothers are like glue, we hold everything together, but to be honest with you I do not want to be the glue some days. I do not want to be the decision maker. I do not want the responsibility. Because to be honest, being a mother sucks some days. There I said it again.

It isn’t that my kids suck. It’s just that the whole damn thing sucks some days. I love and adore my kids. I love and adore my husband, but the day-in and day-out can get to a girl!

No one ever tells you of the everyday, no fun-stuff.

No one ever tells you of the lonely days.

No one ever tells you about the hard stuff. Maybe because, they don’t want to admit it or maybe because they are in denial. I think a lot of people are in denial. they have lied to themselves so much that they have no idea what they are feeling. They are in auto-pilot and they have no idea whether they are coming or going. That my friend is a dangerous place to be for sure. but, we have all fallen into that trap, am I right?

The Secret Anxiety Of Motherhood That Is Unsupported

The Secret Anxiety Of Motherhood That is UnsupportedAs mothers we all have a secret. We all have a deep dark secret that we are so afraid will get out that we cover every aspect of it up. We want everyone to think we have it all together. We want everyone to think that this motherhood thing is a piece of cake. But deep down inside we are screaming to talk to someone. Screaming for attention. Screaming for someone to just relate.

We need a judgement free zone, so when one of those deep dark secrets slips out we do not feel judged. Whether we breast-feed or bottle feed, vaccinate or not vaccinate, whether we admit we want to put ear plugs into our ears when our child tells us the same story over and over again, we need to feel safe when we talk to other moms and people about how we feel.

We need to feel supported not just by talks but by doings. We need to hear “I love you”, but also “you need a break. Can I give you one? Let me keep the kids.” No matter how much you love your kids, every mama needs a break and deserves it too. Not to get away from her kids, but to reclaim who she is, not just as a mama but who she is as a woman.

We need mentors who have walked the walk before us and can give us guidance, prayer and love. Again, in a judgement free zone. In a place of love and acceptance, not in a place of dominance and finger-pointing.

Bottom line…..

This Secret Anxiety of Motherhood can lead to depression, anxiety, post-pardum depression, etc. It is a real thing and so many mamas feel alone in this walk. So many mothers feel like they cannot reach out to other mamas or women. It isn’t right and we need to build that bridge back. We need to start lifting each-other up and not tear each other down! The world does that already! We need to support and love on each other. In this society more than ever, mothers and women alike need each other and each other’s guidance.

Stop the competition. Stop the rants over other mothers doing it all wrong, just because you do it differently. Stop the middle school gossip.

Start loving. Start listening. Start doing. There are so many mothers suffering in silence people. They need you! They need your love, support and prayers!

Not every day is bad or challenging, but on the days that are, mothers should feel safe. They should feel safe about sharing and venting to other mothers. Most of all, us as women, need to lift each other up and encourage one another!

So Where Do We Go From Here?

The Secret Anxiety Of Motherhood That is UnsupportedWe start reaching out to other mamas, other women and listen. Just listen! We start giving hugs and loving on them, genuinely loving on them. You do not have to understand their concerns, they just need love. Start reaching out and asking them if they need help. Some won’t ask for help, myself included, but when asked from another if they can help it can mean the world to them. You do not have to babysit their kids, maybe offer to do the dishes, offer to fold clothes. A little goes a long way.

Motherhood is hard! Whether you are doing this parenting thing with your husband or you are a single mama. Either way it is hard! So let’s reach out and love on other mamas. Show them you care! Whether you are a grandma now, you have grown kids, small kids, whatever the case may be, the world needs you. The world needs your kindness and love. Mamas need your love and kindness.There is a Secret Anxiety Of Motherhood that is Unsupported and it needs to be stopped. We need to stop hiding and start doing. We need to reach out! So let’s do this together! Will you join me?

Let’s start by…..

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Until next time….



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