God gave us seasons, four seasons to be exact, winter, summer, spring and fall.But, of course you already know that.

The earth rotates on its axis and gives us these four beautiful blessings. Some seasons we enjoy more than others, depending on where you live or maybe you have celebrations in one season or another. Whatever the reason, we have a favorite season, everyone does. My favorite season is fall, all its many colors and smells of baking cookies. Just thinking about fall makes me long to wrap up in a nice warm blanket with my kids and snuggle. Can you tell I’m longing for cooler weather? (Incase I haven’t told you, it’s hot down here in the deep south! The kids and I have resorted to staying indoors for a few days due to the extreme heat.)


Can’t you just smell the fall air?Mmmm,Ahhhh! Okay, focus Mandi, focus!Anyways….

We also go through seasons in our lives, seasons of isolation, seasons of depression, seasons of morning, seasons of transition and change, and many, many more. My husband and I have been through many seasons in our married life, some happy, some sad, some long and some short. All have played important roles in our married life as well as our spiritual life. With each season we have learned life lessons from God and each one has brought us closer to God.

My family is going through a season, as we speak. The whole year of 2014 has been a season of change. We have been through many changes this year so far and we are expecting many more. All have been good changes, but by human nature, change is not always welcomed. Change can be very hard for some and even though these changes are for the greater good it can still be challenging! I have to remind myself on the days this season takes a toll on me, to embrace the lesson and when I do God always comes through. This season has brought long days and short nights, some days, but all have been well worth the life lesson that is yet to follow. We see light at the end of the tunnel and we know that we are not alone. He is taking us step by step and guiding our every move.

The seasons I have learned the most from are the ones I have embraced, sat back and prayed through. We are taking everyday with prayer and knowing that God will come through.

He is always teaching us something, in some form or fashion. There have been times in my life where I have not been teachable but, I know when I embrace the lesson, there is usually a reward to follow. That reward is always peace and understanding.

God is so good and He always looks after His children. He always gives us different opportunities and different ways of learning His word. He shows His presence through these seasons and I am so grateful for all of the seasons I have gone through, good and bad! It has brought me closer to Him, what’s a  better reward than that?

What has been your favorite season in life? What’s been your least favorite?


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