Can you say, “Whoa”? What a week it has been! I took some time off of posting on my Instagram page and what a week to take a break. I found so much to talk about, but I truly needed a break. Although I love sharing on Instagram and it is definitely my favorite of all of the social media platforms, it was time. I have taken this time to pray and to seek God even more and this week has taught me that this world needs prayer more than ever. Join me by reading pregnancy is not a mockery.

I have stayed up on world events and such through my break, of course, but have stayed away from posting. And boy what I have seen is disturbing and I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore. The world is truly playing with fire. This world needs God more than ever.

Are You Confused?

The image I am about to discuss I almost included, but I will spare you. You can look it up right here, so you know what I am talking about but beware, it may make you uncomfortable.

Now that you have looked at the image, are you confused? I mean truly, what world are we living in? Before I get into this, you are more than welcome to unfollow. Some may be offended, but I am here to tell you, this world is playing with fire, like I said above.

Women are meant to carry babies, not men! If you are offended by my words, take it up with God. I am His vessel and only His vessel. That does not make me a white supremacist, a homophobic, a mean right-winger, a bigot, or whatever else you want to call me. It makes me a believer in God and His word. It makes me someone who knows the truth!

This movement takes away from motherhood and how God intended it to be!

Pregnancy is Not a Mockery

My culture is not a costume. Being a woman is amazing! As a matter-of-fact what the woman’s body can do is a miracle. Bringing life into the world is an incredible privilege and miraculous and heart-warming and brings an agape love like no other. Hey, but guess what?! It is not for men! That is not how God intended it. God made man and woman different for SO many reasons. Men, you don’t get to do what we do and we don’t get to do what you do. Being pregnant is a wonderful and unique part of womanhood. It is not a costume, a game, a photoshoot or a social media challenge. (I heard the above Instagram post was for a social media challenge. I truly do not know, because I did not look into it, nor do I want to honestly. It’s gross and uncalled for. You don’t see me trying to do something only a man can do, trying to make everyone else uncomfortable and doing a photoshoot while doing it… do you?) It is an ability unique to womanhood and womanhood only.

If you want to be a transgender, do what you need to do, although the Bible is very firm on this topic. Wear women’s clothing, wear makeup, change your pronouns…. but, DO NOT mock my being. Do not mock women who have truly lost babies. Please do not mock women who have carried their babies only to give birth to a still born. Do not mock a twin or singleton mama. DO NOT MOCK PREGNANCY! Pregnancy is Not a Mockery!

And this movement does not stop at pregnancy. This includes breastfeeding too. It is crazy to think that a transgender man can breastfeed in public without being an issue, but when it is biologically natural for women to do the real thing in public, people freak out! And this is the world we live in! I will not call it chest feeding, because it is not meant to be chest feeding. It is breastfeeding, breastmilk coming from the breast of the mother, not the chest of a man.

Women and Men Are Amazing

Women are amazing and so are men! Women make terrible men and men make terrible women. We are not interchangeable no matter what society says in our world today. I cannot sit back and watch this and not say anything anymore. My job is to be a disciple for the Lord. My job is to tell about God’s truths, but it is not my job to judge anyone. And, I hope you do not take it that way, because I am not judging at all. I say all of this out of love and I hope you see my heart……But ladies and gents, we need to do better.

This Letter is for Followers of Jesus

This is not a letter to transgenders or gays, no matter what you may think. This is a letter to believers and followers of Jesus. It is time you start talking, my friends. It is time to start spreading the gospel. It’s time to stop staying silent and judging. You have become too comfortable and complacent on your church pews. Get out into the world and start speaking God’s truth, word and love. The world is counting on you! I don’t know about you, but I want as many people in Heaven with me! Don’t you? That is your job here on this earth and you only have one life to do it in. It’s time to start speaking truth, we aren’t promised tomorrow, so start speaking NOW!

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